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2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (1) ◽  
pp. 295-298
D. Abdullaev

It is well known that oronyms are the nuclear system of the lexical fund of the linguistic structure as such and are closely related to the historical formation of the linguistic mentality of the carrier. Of course, the Kyrgyz oronyms, that is, the names of the mountains, are extraterritorial and ancient nominations in Eurasia. In this regard, the oronymy of modern Kyrgyzstan, manifesting the echoes of the ancient area, primarily reflects the linguistic picture, or rather, the worldview of the once powerful nomadic state, the so-called historians of the Kyrgyz Great Power. Therefore, this article analyzes, first of all, the conceptual foundations of the oronyms of the Kyrgyz language.

Р. А. Султангареева

В настоящий период активации современных реформаций, социополитических перемен изучение историзма и исторического, патриотического мотивов в эпических полотнах особо актуально, ибо именно эпическое творчество содержит критические и глубоко философские обобщения событий не только древности, но и обозримого прошлого. Сложение событий 14 - 15 в в. в эпическое произведение «Идукай и Мурадым» завершилось мудрыми сэсэнами к 15 - 16 в в., отображая события периода активных волнений, связанных с расхищением башкирских земель, защитой родного народа. Эпос совершенствуется на этом фоне, являясь не столько историко - эпическим переложением трагических событий эпохи Золотой Орды, сколько произведением народной словесности, в котором глубоко и ярко обобщены чаяния и идеалы народа об отважных батырах - защитниках, об истинной свободе Духа и независимости, великой силе любви к родине - Иль и родной земле. В эпосе исторического характера особо ярко отмечена трансформация архетипа богини земли, потустороннего мира - Хель на выразительный, пронизывающий весь текст священный образ Иль (страны). In the present period of the activation of modern reforms, sociopolitical changes, the study of historicism and historical and patriotic motifs in epic paintings is especially important, for it is epic creativity that contains critical and deeply philosophical generalizations of events not only of antiquity but also of the foreseeable past. Addition of events 14th - 15th centuries. in the epic work "Idukai and Muradym" was completed by wise sesans to the 16th-17th centuries, reflecting the events of the period of active unrest connected with the plundering of Bashkir lands, the protection of the native people. The epic is improved on this background, being not so much the historical and epic interpretation of the tragic events of the Golden Horde as a product of folk literature, in which the people's aspirations and ideals about courageous defenders, the true freedom of the Spirit and independence, the great power of love to the homeland - ll and his native land. In the epic of a historical nature, the transformation of the archetype of the goddess of the earth, the other world - Khel to the expressive, sacred image of the ll (country), which permeates the entire text, is especially marked.

Luis Manuel Palmero Iglesias ◽  
Graziella Bernardo

Giancarlo Mazzanti, (Barranquilla, Colombia), is one of the best architects on the current scene. Founder of El Equipo Mazzanti, his architecture promotes the values of development and social equity with projects that generate transformations and positive effects on the community. His work is multidisciplinary, ground-breaking, and multifunctional. He has developed and built educational, residential, urban improvement and social projects of great power and attractiveness, making him a reference architect on a global scale.

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