electronic and vibrational spectra
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2022 ◽  
Vol 130 (3) ◽  
pp. 433
Г.Т. Василюк ◽  
П.В. Карпач ◽  
С.Д. Гоголева ◽  
А.О. Айт ◽  
В.А. Барачевский ◽  

An analysis of the results of complex experimental and theoretical studies of photoinduced changes in the spectral properties of photochromic diarylethene in various nanostructured systems is presented. The properties of diarylethene were studied in solutions in the presence of colloidal metal and semiconductor nanoparticles, as well as in the form of solid-phase composite nanostructured core-shell systems based on colloidal nanoparticles with a shell of diarylethene molecules (including in a polymer matrix). A photoinduced reversible change in the electronic and vibrational spectra of diarylethene in various studied matrices was found. The results can be used to create optoelectronic photo-switchable elements for ultra-high-capacity memory devices, photo-controlled molecular switches and sensors.

Sheng-Lung Chou ◽  
J F Ogilvie ◽  
Jen Iu Lo ◽  
Yu-Chain Peng ◽  
Bing-Ming Cheng

Irradiation of dilute mixtures of NH3 and O2 dispersed in solid Ne at 3.6 K with radiation of wave lengths 200, 192.5, 173 and 143 nm from an electron synchrotron initiated photochemical dissociation of those precursors and the production of N, NH, NH2, O, O3, HO2, NO, NO2, N2O, H2O, HONO in both s-cisoid and s-transoid rotational isomers, and HONO2, detected according to their spectra in mid-infrared absorption from 450 to 4000 cm-1, and in absorption and emission from 200 to 1100 nm. HONO2 was not previously detected in related experiments even though our conditions were much more dilute.

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