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2052-4129, 2052-4110

Xianqiang Kong ◽  
Yuchang Wang ◽  
Yiyi Chen ◽  
Xiaohui Chen ◽  
Long Lin ◽  

We have developed a practical and mild electrochemical protocol for cyanation and cyanomethylation of trimethylammonium salts through a pathway involving C−N bond cleavage without the need for externally stoichiometric reducing...

Zhenhua Liu ◽  
Tian Yu ◽  
Longhua Li ◽  
Wei Fu ◽  
Xingxing Gan ◽  

A novel S-induced Schmidt-type rearrangement of vinyl azides with CF3SO2Na is reported, which is mediated by triphosgene (BTC) under mild reaction conditions. A wide range of N-arylated 2-(trifluoromethylsulfinyl)acetamieds, for the...

Daniel Carretero-Molina ◽  
Francisco Javier Ortiz-López ◽  
Tetiana Gren ◽  
Daniel Oves-Costales ◽  
Jesús Martín ◽  

Gargantulides B and C, two new and highly complex 52-membered glycosylated macrolactones, were isolated from Amycolatopsis sp. strain CA-230715 during an antibacterial screening campaign. The structures of these giant macrolides...

Ashwini Kadaji Nakate ◽  
Sagar Sudam Thorat ◽  
Shailja Jain ◽  
Rama Krishna Gamidi ◽  
Kumar Vanka ◽  

An unprecedented Ag(I)-catalyzed [3+3]-annulation of alkynyl alcohols (5-hexyn-1-ols) and α,β-unsaturated ketones is reported to construct simple to complex chromanes. This transformation begins with hydroalkoxylation of alkynol through C-C triple bond...

Vishal Srivastava ◽  
Pravin Kumar Singh ◽  
Shraddha Tivari ◽  
Praveen Pratap Singh

Visible light and photoredox catalysis have emerged as a powerful and long-lasting tool for organic synthesis, demonstrating the importance of a variety of chemical bond formation methods. Natural products, physiologically...

Yongchen Wang ◽  
Venkaiah Chintalapudi ◽  
Haraldur Gudmundsson ◽  
Gregory L Challis ◽  
Edward Alexander Anderson

As products of genome mining, the stereochemical assignment of the macrolide antibiotics stambomycins A–D has been made on the basis of sequence analysis of the associated polyketide synthase, aside from...

Han Gao ◽  
Lingfei Hu ◽  
Yanlei Hu ◽  
Xiangying Lv ◽  
Yanbo Wu ◽  

The mechanism and origin of CpX ligand effects on Rh-catalyzed annulations with alkynes were investigated by using DFT calculations and the approach of energy decomposition analysis (EDA). The results reveal...

Ya-Nan Wang ◽  
Xinghua Wang ◽  
Shi-Jun Li ◽  
Yu Lan

Here, we report a theoretical investigation of the reactivity and chemoselectivity of carbene-enabled ether activation. The mechanism obtained from DFT calculations revealed that the final products were dependent on the...

Yuan Zhu ◽  
Weisai Zu ◽  
Qing Tian ◽  
Zifeng Cao ◽  
Yu Wei ◽  

Herein, an organoboron photocatalyst, aminoquinolate diarylboron (AQDAB), is utilized collaboratively with nickel catalyst in metallaphotoredox catalyzed C(sp2)–P and C(sp2)–S cross-coupling reactions. This strategy effectively couples aryl halides with diarylphosphine oxides...

Changqiang He ◽  
Zhikun Wu ◽  
Yuqiao Zhou ◽  
Weidi Cao ◽  
Xiaoming Feng

Chiral Lewis acid-catalyzed enantioselective nitrooxylation of cyclic and acyclic β-keto amides/esters with hypervalent iodine(III) reagents is reported. A number of α-nitrooxy-β-keto amides/esters were obtained with good yields and high enantioselectivities...

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