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0942-0940, 0001-6268

Eetu N. Suominen ◽  
Antti J. Sajanti ◽  
Eero A. Silver ◽  
Veerakaisa Koivunen ◽  
Anton S. Bondfolk ◽  

Abstract Purpose Clinicians have increasingly encountered traumatic brain injuries (TBI) related to electric scooter (ES) accidents. In this study, we aim to identify the modifiable risk factors for ES-related TBIs. Methods A retrospective cohort of consecutive patients treated for ES-related traumatic brain injuries in a tertiary university hospital between May 2019 and September 2021 was identified and employed for the study. The characteristics of the accidents along with the clinical and imaging findings of the injuries were collected from the patient charts. Results During the study period, 104 TBIs related to ES accidents were identified. There was a high occurrence of accidents late at night and on Saturdays. In four cases, the patient’s helmet use was mentioned (3.8%). Seventy-four patients (71%) were intoxicated. At the scene of the accident, seventy-seven (74%) of the patients had a Glasgow Coma Scale score of 13–15, three patients (3%) had a score of 9–12, and two patients (2%) had a score of 3–8. The majority (83%) of TBIs were diagnosed as concussions. Eighteen patients had evidence of intracranial injuries in the imagining. Two patients required neurosurgical procedures. The estimated population standardized incidence increased from 7.0/100,000 (95% CI 3.5–11/100,000) in 2019 to 27/100,000 (95% CI 20–34/100,000) in 2021. Conclusions Alcohol intoxication and the lack of a helmet were common in TBIs caused by ES accidents. Most of the accidents occurred late at night. Targeting these modifiable factors could decrease the incidence of ES-related TBIs.

Flavie Grenier-Chartrand ◽  
Sami Barrit ◽  
Marie Lucie Racu ◽  
Sylvie Luce ◽  
Julien Spitaels ◽  

Bhanu Jayanand Sudhir ◽  
Arunkumar Karthikayan ◽  
Jamaludeen Mohammed Amjad ◽  
Keelara Gowda Arun

Aleksandrs Krigers ◽  
Matthias Demetz ◽  
Astrid E. Grams ◽  
Claudius Thomé ◽  
Christian F. Freyschlag

Jia Xu Lim ◽  
Sharon YY Low ◽  
Lee Ping Ng ◽  
Wan Tew Seow

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