Co–N–C single-atom nanozymes with oxidase-like activity for highly sensitive detection of biothiols

Liping Sun ◽  
Yong Yan ◽  
Shuai Chen ◽  
Zijue Zhou ◽  
Wei Tao ◽  
Xiaojia Jiang ◽  
Mingsong Zang ◽  
Fei Li ◽  
Chunxi Hou ◽  
Quan Luo ◽  

Biological nanopore-based techniques have attracted more and more attention recently in the field of single-molecule detection, because they allow the real-time, sensitive, high-throughput analysis. Herein, we report an engineered biological...

RSC Advances ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 11 (39) ◽  
pp. 23975-23984
Xue Yang ◽  
Yixia Ren ◽  
Hongmei Chai ◽  
Xiufang Hou ◽  
Zhixiang Wang ◽  

Four fluorescent 2D Zn-MOFs based on a flexible triangular ligand and linear N-donor ligands are hydrothermally prepared and used to detect nitrobenzene in aqueous solution with high sensitivity, demonstrating their potential as fluorescent sensors.

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