scholarly journals Movement disorders associated with neuronal antibodies: a data-driven approach

Andrea Sturchio ◽  
Alok K. Dwivedi ◽  
Matteo Gastaldi ◽  
Maria Barbara Grimberg ◽  
Pietro Businaro ◽  
2012 ◽  
Michael Ghil ◽  
Mickael D. Chekroun ◽  
Dmitri Kondrashov ◽  
Michael K. Tippett ◽  
Andrew Robertson ◽  

Ernest Pusateri ◽  
Bharat Ram Ambati ◽  
Elizabeth Brooks ◽  
Ondrej Platek ◽  
Donald McAllaster ◽  

Sensors ◽  
2018 ◽  
Vol 18 (5) ◽  
pp. 1571 ◽  
Jhonatan Camacho Navarro ◽  
Magda Ruiz ◽  
Rodolfo Villamizar ◽  
Luis Mujica ◽  
Jabid Quiroga

2021 ◽  
Vol 12 (1) ◽  
Jiangxu Li ◽  
Jiaxi Liu ◽  
Stanley A. Baronett ◽  
Mingfeng Liu ◽  
Lei Wang ◽  

AbstractThe discovery of topological quantum states marks a new chapter in both condensed matter physics and materials sciences. By analogy to spin electronic system, topological concepts have been extended into phonons, boosting the birth of topological phononics (TPs). Here, we present a high-throughput screening and data-driven approach to compute and evaluate TPs among over 10,000 real materials. We have discovered 5014 TP materials and grouped them into two main classes of Weyl and nodal-line (ring) TPs. We have clarified the physical mechanism for the occurrence of single Weyl, high degenerate Weyl, individual nodal-line (ring), nodal-link, nodal-chain, and nodal-net TPs in various materials and their mutual correlations. Among the phononic systems, we have predicted the hourglass nodal net TPs in TeO3, as well as the clean and single type-I Weyl TPs between the acoustic and optical branches in half-Heusler LiCaAs. In addition, we found that different types of TPs can coexist in many materials (such as ScZn). Their potential applications and experimental detections have been discussed. This work substantially increases the amount of TP materials, which enables an in-depth investigation of their structure-property relations and opens new avenues for future device design related to TPs.

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