Detection of superoxide radical in all biological systems by Thin Layer Chromatography

Dimitrios N. Zisimopoulos ◽  
Electra Kalaitzopoulou ◽  
Marianna Skipitari ◽  
Polyxeni Papadea ◽  
Nikolaos T. Panagopoulos ◽  
H. R. Bolliger ◽  
M. Brenner ◽  
H. Gänshirt ◽  
Helmut K. Mangold ◽  
H. Seiler ◽  

1969 ◽  
Vol 61 (4) ◽  
pp. 641-648 ◽  
Leon J. Sholiton ◽  
Emile E. Werk

ABSTRACT Rat and bovine brain have been incubated with testosterone-4-14C under standard conditions. With use of paper chromatography, the extracted metabolites were noted to fall into less-polar, iso-polar, and more polar fractions. The components of the less-polar fraction were separated by acetylation and thin-layer chromatography and the major end-products identified by recrystallization to constant specific activity or constant 3H/14C ratios. Androst-4-enedione and 5α-dihydrotestosterone were formed consistently under the conditions utilized. Trace amounts of other less-polar metabolites were noted occasionally.

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