Catalytic graphitization in anthracite by reduced iron particles and investigating the mechanism of catalytic transformation via molecular dynamics

Carbon ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 188 ◽  
pp. 336-348
Lei Tang ◽  
Qiuyun Mao ◽  
Zihan You ◽  
Zhen Yao ◽  
Xiangdong Zhu ◽  
Alfred Baltz

As part of a program to develop iron particles for next generation recording disk medium, their structural properties were investigated using transmission electron microscopy and electron diffraction. Iron particles are a more desirable recording medium than iron oxide, the most widely used material in disk manufacturing, because they offer a higher magnetic output and a higher coercive force. The particles were prepared by a method described elsewhere. Because of their strong magnetic interaction, a method had to be developed to separate the particles on the electron microscope grids.

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