Efficient removal of Cd2+ from aqueous solution with a novel composite of silicon supported nano iron/aluminum/magnesium (hydr)oxides prepared from biotite

2022 ◽  
Vol 305 ◽  
pp. 114288
Qiang Zeng ◽  
Wei Sun ◽  
Hui Zhong ◽  
Zhiguo He
2020 ◽  
pp. 128-139
M. Yu. Shumakher ◽  
V. V. Konovalov ◽  
A. P. Melnikov

Currently, the treatment of the bottomhole formation zone with acidic compositions is one of the most common methods to intensify the oil inflow. The use of various modified acid compositions increases the efficiency of acid treatments on the bottomhole formation zone. Acid compositions, including those containing hydrocarbon solvents, which contribute to more efficient removal of organic colmatants, affect the reaction rate of the reagent with the rock and processing equipment, change the reservoir properties, etc.The article presents the results of experimental studies, which are aimed at establishing the effect of the composition of hydrocarbon-containing acidic emulsions consisting of an aqueous solution of hydrochloric acid, toluene and Neonol AF 9-10 on their dispersed and rheological properties, as well as their efficiency in removing paraffin deposits.

Xiaofeng Huang ◽  
Qiulin Deng ◽  
Xingzhang Wang ◽  
Hongquan Deng ◽  
Tinghong Zhang ◽  

2021 ◽  
Vol 60 (11) ◽  
pp. 4332-4341
Hossein Shahriyari Far ◽  
Mahdi Hasanzadeh ◽  
Mina Najafi ◽  
Targol Rahimi Masale Nezhad ◽  
Mahboubeh Rabbani

2021 ◽  
Vol 263 ◽  
pp. 118418
Long-Fei Ren ◽  
Yuanxin Lin ◽  
Hongchen Song ◽  
Haoyu Sun ◽  
Jiahui Shao

2016 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 49-55 ◽  
Bo Yang ◽  
Yanni Han ◽  
Yunpan Deng ◽  
Yingying Li ◽  
Qiongfang Zhuo ◽  

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