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2021 ◽  
Vol 311 ◽  
pp. 125315
Hongmin Li ◽  
Hongxing Qiu ◽  
Zhiqiang Wang ◽  
Yong Lu
The Self ◽  

2021 ◽  
Jie Huang ◽  
Xiaoyu Tang ◽  
Aijun Wang ◽  
Ming Zhang

Abstract Neuropsychological studies have demonstrated that the preferential processing of near-space and egocentric representation is associated with the self-prioritization effect (SPE). However, relatively little is known concerning whether the SPE is superior to the representation of egocentric frames or near-space processing in the interaction between spatial reference frames and spatial domains. The present study adopted the variant of the shape-label matching task (i.e., color-label) to establish an SPE, combined with a spatial reference frame judgment task, to examine how the SPE leads to preferential processing of near-space or egocentric representations. Surface-based morphometry analysis was also adopted to extract the cortical thickness of the ventral medial prefrontal cortex (vmPFC) to examine whether it could predict differences in the SPE at the behavioral level. The results showed a significant SPE, manifested as the response of self-associated color being faster than that of stranger-associated color. Additionally, the SPE showed a preference for near-space processing, followed by egocentric representation. More importantly, the thickness of the vmPFC could predict the difference in the SPE on reference frames, particularly in the left frontal pole cortex and bilateral rostral anterior cingulate cortex. These findings indicated that the SPE showed a prior entry effect for information at the spatial level relative to the reference frame level, providing evidence to support the structural significance of the self-processing region. The present study also further clarified the priority in SPE processing and role of the SPE within the real spatial domain.

2021 ◽  
Vol 19 (4) ◽  
Antonio Brogi ◽  
Stefano Forti ◽  
Carlos Guerrero ◽  
Isaac Lera

AbstractOrchestrating next-gen applications over heterogeneous resources along the Cloud-IoT continuum calls for new strategies and tools to enable scalable and application-specific managements. Inspired by the self-organisation capabilities of bacteria colonies, we propose a declarative, fully decentralised application management solution, targeting pervasive opportunistic Cloud-IoT infrastructures. We present a customisable declarative implementation of the approach and validate its scalability through simulation over motivating scenarios, also considering end-user’s mobility and the possibility to enforce application-specific management policies for different (classes of) applications.

2021 ◽  
Subhadeep Das ◽  
Subhankar Kundu ◽  
Bahadur Sk ◽  
Madhurima Sarkar ◽  
Abhijit Patra

All-organic thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) materials have emerged as potential candidates for optoelectronic devices and biomedical applications. However, the development of organic TADF probes with strong emission in the longer wavelength region (> 600 nm) remains a challenge. Strong π-conjugated rigid acceptor cores substituted with multiple donor units can be a viable design strategy to obtain red TADF probes. Herein, 3,6 di-t-butyl carbazole substituted to dibenzopyridoquinoxaline acceptor core resulted in T-shaped donor-acceptor-donor compound, PQACz-T, exhibiting red thermally activated delayed fluorescence in polymer embedded thin films. Further, PQACz-T self-assembled to molecular nanoaggregates of diverse size and shape in THF-water mixture showing bright red emission along with delayed fluorescence even in an aqueous environment. The self-assembly and the excited-state properties of PQACz-T were compared with the nonalkylated analogue, PQCz-T. The delayed fluorescence in nanoaggregates was attributed to the high rate of reverse intersystem crossing. Moreover, an aqueous dispersion of the smaller-sized, homogeneous distribution of fluorescent nanoparticles was fabricated upon encapsulating PQACz-T in a triblock copolymer, F-127. Cytocompatible polymer encapsulated PQACz-T nanoparticles with large Stokes shift, excellent photostability were demonstrated for the specific imaging of lipid droplets in HeLa cells.

Synlett ◽  
2021 ◽  
Ryo Sekiya ◽  
Kentaro Harada ◽  
Natsumi Nitta ◽  
Takeharu Haino

A resorcinarene is a synthetic macrocycle comprising four resorcinol molecules covalently linked by methylene bridges. The interannular bridges produce a cavitand, which possesses a bowl-shaped structure. We have developed supramolecular capsules formed through Ag(I) and Cu(I) coordination-driven self-assembly of cavitands possessing 2,2’-bipyridyl arms at the upper rim. The self-assembled capsules accommodate various molecular guests and supramolecular assemblies possessing acetoxy groups. The host-guest chemistry of the molecular capsules is applied to fabricate supramolecular polymers. This account describes the recent developments in supramolecular chemistry of resorcinarene-based coordination capsules and describes the brief history of resorcinarene-based capsules and related capsules.

2021 ◽  
pp. 1-8
Vinaya Manchaiah ◽  
Alicia Brazelton ◽  
Hansapani Rodrigo ◽  
Eldré W. Beukes ◽  
Marc A. Fagelson ◽  

Purpose This study examined medication use by individuals with tinnitus who were seeking help for their tinnitus by means of a psychological intervention. Method This study used a cross-sectional survey design and included individuals with tinnitus enrolled in an Internet-based cognitive behavioral therapy trial ( n = 439). Study participants provided demographic details, completed various structured questionnaires and provided details about the medications used. The self-reported medications were classified using the United States Pharmacopeial Medicare Model Guidelines v7.0. Results Current medication use was reported by 67% ( n = 293) of the study participants. Those currently using medication were older; had consulted their primary care physician, had greater tinnitus severity, depression, anxiety, and insomnia when compared with those not reporting any current medication use. The top 10 medication used included cardiovascular agents ( n = 162; 55.3%), antidepressants ( n = 80; 27.3%), electrolytes/minerals/metals/vitamins ( n = 70; 23.9%), respiratory tract/pulmonary agents ( n = 62; 21.2%), anxiolytics ( n = 59; 20.1%), hormonal agents/stimulant/replacement/modifying (thyroid; n = 45; 15.4%), gastrointestinal agents ( n = 43; 14.7%), analgesics ( n = 33; 11.3%), blood glucose regulators ( n = 32; 10.9%), and anticonvulsants ( n = 26; 8.87%). Some associations between type of medication used and demographic or tinnitus-related variables were noted especially for the cardiovascular agents, electrolytes/minerals/metals/vitamins, and anxiolytics. Conclusions This exploratory study indicated a large percentage of patients using medication and a range of medications. Further studies are required to assess the effects of such medications on the tinnitus percept and concurrent medication moderate treatment effects.

2021 ◽  
Vol 19 ◽  
Adriana Sansão Fontes

 O urbanismo tático tem sido disseminado como uma abordagem que utiliza ações de curto prazo e de baixo custo para demonstrar possibilidades de transformação de longo prazo nas cidades. É defen­dido como uma ação em que cidadãos, com suas próprias mãos, iniciam processos de transformação, em um contexto de ineficiência dos governos e de escassez de recursos. Apesar da crescente popula­ridade, a abordagem também vem gerando contro­vérsias; assim, o objetivo deste artigo é discuti-la em um viés mais radical, enquanto abordagem urbana de ruptura do status quo, utilizando como caso o processo de autogestão de Can Batlló, em Barcelona. Can Batlló é uma antiga fábrica têxtil, desativada na década de 1960, a qual nos últimos dez anos tem sido apropriada pela comunidade local, que vem praticando um sistema de autogestão e de criação de comuns urbanos. O artigo parte da apresentação do processo de transformação da fábrica, seguindo para a discussão sobre a crítica atual do urbanismo tático e para a interpretação do caso sob o viés mais radical, o qual experimenta formas alternativas de organização social para a promoção de transforma­ções gradativas em um espaço privado, de forma a convertê-lo em um comum urbano.

2021 ◽  
Vol 54 (6) ◽  
Ross Angel ◽  
Mattia Mazzucchelli ◽  
Javier Gonzalez-Platas ◽  
Matteo Alvaro

A method for the self-consistent description of the large variations of unit-cell parameters of crystals with pressure and temperature is presented. It employs linearized versions of equations of state (EoSs) together with constraints to ensure internal consistency. The use of polynomial functions to describe the variation of the unit-cell angles in monoclinic and triclinic crystals is compared with the method of deriving them from linearized EoSs for d spacings. The methods have been implemented in the CrysFML Fortran subroutine library. The unit-cell parameters and the compressibility and thermal expansion tensors of crystals can be calculated from the linearized EoSs in an internally consistent manner in a new utility in the EosFit7c program, which is available as freeware at

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