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Machines ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 10 (1) ◽  
pp. 51
Rong Xie ◽  
Weihuang Liu ◽  
Muyan Chen ◽  
Yanjun Shi

Integrated energy system (IES) is an important direction for the future development of the energy industry, and the stable operation of the IES can ensure heat and power supply. This study established an integrated system composed of an IES and advanced adiabatic compressed air energy storage (AA-CAES) to guarantee the robust operation of the IES under failure conditions. Firstly, a robust operation method using the AA-CAES is formulated to ensure the stable operation of the IES. The method splits the energy release process of the AA-CAES into two parts: a heat-ensuring part and a power-ensuring part. The heat-ensuring part uses the high-temp tank to maintain the balance of the heat subnet of the IES, and the power-ensuring part uses the air turbine of the first stage to maintain the balance of the power subnet. Moreover, another operation method using a spare gas boiler is formulated to compare the income of the IES with two different methods under failure conditions. The results showed that the AA-CAES could guarantee the balance of heat subnet and power subnet under steady conditions, and the dynamic operation income of the IES with the AA-CAES method was a bit higher than the income of the IES with the spare gas boiler method.

Władysław Zielecki ◽  
Tomasz Trzepieciński ◽  
Łukasz Bąk ◽  
Ewelina Ozga

AbstractThe goal of the work reported was to determine the influence of selected shot peening parameters on the deflection of the Almen strip and the load capacity of single-lap adhesive joints made of 2-mm-thick aluminium alloy EN AW-2024-T3. Moreover, the research was aimed at checking the possibility of using the Almen strip deflection indicator to predict the load capacity of adhesive joints after shot peening. The analysis was carried out according to Hartley’s PS/DS-P:Ha3 plan. The input factors were the shot peening parameters: treatment time t (60–180 s), ball diameter dk (0.5–1.5 mm) and compressed air pressure p (0.3–0.5 MPa). It has been proved in this work that shot peening treatment of the outer surface of single-lap adhesive joints can be used to strengthen the joint. The maximum increase in the load capacity of the shot peened joints was 33.4%. It was observed that the load capacity of the joints decreases with an increase in the deflection of the Almen strip (in the assumed area of variability of technological parameters). Moreover, the results obtained indicate that the adoption of too intensive treatment, manifested in high values of deflection of the Almen strip, may weaken single-lap adhesive joints.

Energy ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 239 ◽  
pp. 121842
Mohamad Cheayb ◽  
Mylène Marin Gallego ◽  
Mohand Tazerout ◽  
Sébastien Poncet

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