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2022 ◽  
Vol 17 (3) ◽  
pp. 881-885
Koichi Deguchi ◽  
Yuko Tazuke ◽  
Miho Watanabe ◽  
Chiyoshi Toyama ◽  
Motonari Nomura ◽  

2022 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
pp. 98-114
Virginia R. Massaro

Institutions of higher education continue to emphasize the need to create and develop global citizen graduates who will face challenging global issues in the workforce. A systematic literature review of empirical studies on global citizenship in higher education was conducted to understand the various ways this term is being studied, measured, and operationalized. The process of inclusion and exclusion criteria identified 57 studies. A content analysis revealed global citizenship is being included into higher education through scales of measurement, studying abroad, faculty and student perceptions, coursework, and university programs. The results are discussed in relation to the current literature on global citizenship along with future avenues of research.

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Afef Saihi ◽  
Mohamed Ben-Daya ◽  
Rami Afif As'ad

PurposeMaintenance is a critical business function with a great impact on economic, environmental and social aspects. However, maintenance decisions' planning has been driven by merely economic and technical measures with inadequate consideration of environmental and social dimensions. This paper presents a review of the literature pertaining to sustainable maintenance decision-making models supported by a bibliometric analysis that seeks to establish the evolution of this research over time and identify the main research clusters.Design/methodology/approachA systematic literature review, supported with a bibliometric and network analysis, of the extant studies is conducted. The relevant literature is categorized based on which sustainability pillar, or possibly multiple ones, is being considered with further classification outlining the application area, modeling approach and the specific peculiarities characterizing each area.FindingsThe review revealed that maintenance and sustainability modeling is an emerging area of research that has intensified in the last few years. This fertile area can be developed further in several directions. In particular, there is room for devising models that are implementable, based on reliable and timely data with proven tangible practical results. While the environmental aspect has been considered, there is a clear scarcity of works addressing the social dimension. One of the identified barriers to developing applicable models is the lack of the required, accurate and timely data.Originality/valueThis work contributes to the maintenance and sustainability modeling research area, provides insights not previously addressed and highlights several avenues for future research. To the best of the authors' knowledge, this is the first review that looks at the integration of sustainability issues in maintenance modeling and optimization.

Cureus ◽  
2022 ◽  
Iraklis Mitsogiannis ◽  
Lazaros Tzelves ◽  
Maria Mitsogianni ◽  
Stephanie Vgenopoulou

2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (1) ◽  
Omar M. E. Ali

Abstract Fibromyalgia is a debilitating chronic condition which poses a therapeutic challenge to the clinician. With a large backlog in patient flow subsequent to the COVID-19 pandemic and rising numbers of patients with post-acute sequelae of COVID-19 (PASC) presenting with fibromyalgia-like clinical features, there is an increasingly pressing need to identify broad cost-effective interventions. Low levels of vitamin D have previously been reported in patients with fibromyalgia, though any causative link has been difficult to establish. A systematic literature review on the association between vitamin D deficiency and fibromyalgia was performed examining retrospective evidence both for and against an association between vitamin D deficiency (VDD) and fibromyalgia and evaluating the therapeutic benefit from supplementation. A group of six studies were selected based on relevance, use of controls, quality of research and citations. Four primary studies assessing the prevalence of VDD in fibromyalgia patients versus controls were evaluated with a total 3,496 subjects. Three included females only and one larger study assessed males. Two (n = 313) concluded the presence of a statistically significant association, and two (n = 161) found none. Two randomised controlled trials assessing the effect of vitamin D supplementation in a total of 80 subjects found conflicting results, with pain reduction in one and none in the other. It is likely there exists an association between VDD deficiency and fibromyalgia in a large subset of patients, although establishing primary causation is difficult. There is a need for larger randomised controlled trial designs with more effective comparison with healthy subjects and control for confounding factors. Given VDD is a major problem in the general population, we recommend supplementation be recommended by healthcare professionals to fibromyalgia patients for the purpose of maintaining bone health given their potentially increased susceptibility to developing deficiency and its sequelae.

Benjamin Schmeusser ◽  
Joseph Wiedemer ◽  
Dana Obery ◽  
Kaila Buckley ◽  
Michael Yu

AbstractNeoplasms of the urachus are exceedingly rare, representing 0.17% of all bladder cancers. The mucinous cystic tumor of low malignant potential (MCTLMP) subtype is particularly rare with just 25 previous cases reported in the literature. Although rare, MCTLMPs are important to identify due to potential devastating complications and good cure rates with surgical removal. We present a 43 year old female with a nuanced constellation of comorbidities and confirmed MCTLMP following a workup for abdominal pain and irritative lower urinary tract symptoms. Notably, this tumor did not change in size over a 3-year course of serial imaging prior to surgical excision. This urachal MCTLMP represents roughly the 26th and one of the smallest of its subtype reported in the literature. This case illustrates the diagnosis and management of this rare urachal MCTLMP. Individual patient medical history, clinical considerations, and neoplasm characteristics are examined. Although rare, the potential for increased malignancy and potential complications necessitates surgical management and further investigation by the academic community.

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