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Solar Energy ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 232 ◽  
pp. 12-17
Sergey L. Nikitenko ◽  
Pavel I. Proshin ◽  
Ilya E. Kuznetsov ◽  
Sergei V. Karpov ◽  
Denis V. Anokhin ◽  

2022 ◽  
Vol 47 (1) ◽  
pp. 40-54
Mohamed Jabha ◽  
Abdellah El Alaoui ◽  
Abdellah Jarid ◽  
El Houssine Mabrouk

This work consists of theoretically studying the electronic and optical properties of 9-(4-octyloxyphenyl)-2.7-divinyl-carbazole (PCrV) oligomers. This study has been undertaken using the density functional theory (DFT) method at the B3LYP/6-31G (d,p) level and BP86/6-31G (d,p) level of theory. To evaluate the PCrV-basis systems properties, the structural optimization without geometrical restrictions was performed on the total potential energy surface (TPES). In order to ensure good absorption of radiation, the interest was in increasing the efficiency of the organic photovoltaic cell. For this effect, the (HOMO-LUMO) gap energy of such compounds was reduced in terms of geometric and electronic structure. The BP86 functional gives good results at the energy gap level, while other parameters using the B3LYP functional give the best results.

Mitsuharu Suzuki ◽  
Kanta Suzuki ◽  
Taehyun Won ◽  
Hiroko Yamada

This review summarizes recent prominent examples of substituent engineering on small-molecule organic semiconductors for photovoltaic applications, focusing on flexible substituents that regulate the active-layer morphology.

Shuixing Dai ◽  
Mengyang Li ◽  
Jingming Xin ◽  
Guanyu Lu ◽  
Peiyao Xue ◽  

We used dual nonfullerene acceptors Y6:FINIC with 3D charge transport features and polymer donor PM6 to fabricate sequential-process heterojunction (SHJ) and bulk heterojunction (BHJ) organic solar cells (OSCs). FINIC has...

Keli Shi ◽  
Beibei Qiu ◽  
Can Zhu ◽  
Xinxin Xia ◽  
Xiaonan Xue ◽  

To deeply investigate the structure-property relationship in organic solar cells (OSCs), one widely used strategy is to design a series of organic photovoltaic materials with same chemical formular but different...

Kaihu Xian ◽  
Yang Liu ◽  
Junwei Liu ◽  
Jinde Yu ◽  
Yifan Xing ◽  

As a benchmark semiconducting polymer, poly(3-hexyl-thiophene) (P3HT) has been broadly used to construct a wide range of organic electronic devices such as photovoltaic cells, photodetectors, thermoelectrics, and transistors. In the...

Matter ◽  
2022 ◽  
Ruijie Ma ◽  
Kangkang Zhou ◽  
Yanna Sun ◽  
Tao Liu ◽  
Yuanyuan Kan ◽  

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