Journal of Materials Chemistry C
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Published By The Royal Society Of Chemistry

2050-7534, 2050-7526

Varshini Jayantha Kumar ◽  
Jian-Zhong Wu ◽  
Martyna Judd ◽  
Elodie ROUSSET ◽  
Marcus Korb ◽  

A series of 6-oxo verdazyl radicals functionalised at the 1- and 5-positions by methyl, thiomethyl and iodo groups were synthesised using conventional strategies. Facile Sonogashira cross-coupling reactions of terminal alkynes...

Takuma Nishimura ◽  
Tsukasa Katayama ◽  
Shishin Mo ◽  
Akira Chikamatsu ◽  
Tetsuya Hasegawa

Layered perovskite nickelates have recently emerged as materials with colossal dielectric permittivity. However, they exhibit relatively high values of loss tangent (tan δ) owing to insufficient electric insulation; thus, lowering...

Nicholle R. Wallwork ◽  
Masashi Mamada ◽  
Atul Shukla ◽  
Sarah K. M. McGregor ◽  
Chihaya Adachi ◽  

Hyperfluorescent organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) has allowed remarkable device performances to be achieved using fluorescent emitters. Superior device performance has been realised using thermally evaporated emissive layers. However, for future...

Zhou Fang ◽  
Shengyue Wang ◽  
Junxu Liao ◽  
Xinrui Chen ◽  
Yuanyuan Zhu ◽  

Efficient blue thermally activated delayed fluorescence (TADF) emitter is still a challenge in solution-processed organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs). In this contribution, two asymmetric molecules of TTT-Ac and TTT-2Ac were synthesized...

Jiangpeng Wang ◽  
Canran Wang ◽  
Shan Jiang ◽  
Wenyue Ma ◽  
Bin Xu ◽  

A polymer, COP-Ta, was designed and synthesized. It served as a turn-on fluorescent sensor for hydrazine detection with high performance.

Geping Zhang ◽  
Dandan Lu ◽  
Keyang Yin ◽  
Nicolas Godbert ◽  
Renhao Dong ◽  

Chemical functionalization of π-conjugated units plays a key role in fine tuning their supramolecular organizations and functions. Herein, five 1,8-naphthalimide derivatives were prepared where the naphthalimide moiety was attached to...

Jun Zhou ◽  
Fan Guo ◽  
Jialiang Luo ◽  
Gazi Hao ◽  
Guigao Liu ◽  

Developing a low-frequency tunable microwave absorber for the normal use of sophisticated electric devices is an urgent need for electromagnetic pollution. Herein, we report the designed synthesis of a three-dimensional...

Jian-Qing Dai ◽  
Jin Yuan ◽  
Cheng Ke

In present work, simultaneously introducing magnetic proximity and ferroelectric filed effect is demonstrated to be an encouraging strategy toward obtaining nonvolatile electrically-controlled 2D van der Waals ferromagnetic semiconductors. By using...

Ji Yu ◽  
Jie Zheng ◽  
Hongyu Chen ◽  
Ning Tian ◽  
Lin Li ◽  

Near-infrared (NIR) bioimaging has been realized by an NIR photodetector based on CH3NH3PbI3 perovskite single crystal.

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