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2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (2) ◽  
pp. 1-11
Oumaima Laghzali ◽  
Gargi Shankar Nayak ◽  
Flavien Mouillard ◽  
Patrick Masson ◽  
Geneviève Pourroy ◽  

A cranio-maxillofacial region contains several bones and serves to protect and support the area, from the brain to the masticatory system. In this paper the clinical and research aspects of craniomaxillofacial biomaterials have been highlighted to serve as a guide into the wide world of their reconstructions. After a quick look into the anatomy, the review focuses on the causes of large bone defects in this region, and how they influence the designing process of the implant. Since it is a large area to unfold, only the maxillary, the mandible and the temporomandibular joints are highlighted. Understanding the biomechanics of mandible and temporomandibular joints is quite important, as it strongly influences the choice of the biomaterial. Thus, the latest techniques implemented to understand the biomechanics of the mandible are also highlighted. Via the finite element analysis, a simulation can help to identify the forces and the movements of the mandible and to predict the possible outcome of the implantation influencing the choice of the biomaterial.

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