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Geetha S ◽  
Devang Dalvi ◽  
Mahesh Tandel

Bootstrap is the most popular HTML, CSS, and JavaScript framework for developing a responsive and mobile-friendly website. This paper provides a user-friendly introduction to Boot- strap Framework, its use, responsiveness, and components. In this paper, we are going to see Introduction of Bootstrap, History of Boot- strap, Advantages, and Disadvantages, knowledge of HTML,CSS, and little JAVASCRIPT. This is about Bootstrap now Django. Django is a high-level python web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic de- sign Django provides a dynamic crud interface. In this paper, we are going to see the importance of Django, why we should use Django, the Advantages and Disadvantages of Django, and short knowledge of python. Because to implement the Django framework we want to have proper knowledge of python so we can easily implement it.

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (2) ◽  
pp. 47-60
R B Fajriya Hakim ◽  
Sugiyarto Sugiyarto

As the web and computational technology carry on growing and huge data are yielded on the web, these technologies are turn into important for a statisticians' work. It is worthy that statistician always gain knowledge of new aspects of computation. A lack of computational reasoning skills gets it hard for statisticians to work in a team. If statistician do not take up this computations challenge more coherently, statistics will be marginalized and take away related at a time when its data science reputation grow up significantly. In addition, people rely on the information on web, for whatever their reason.Since web growth, several major transforms have evolved, from the most rudimentary concept until a new model of interaction between humans and machines. Simple interactivity denotes that users can enter data to the application on a web page, then click on button, and then appears a new web page with the results of the computations. This application has been known as web application with most are built with the utility of web frameworks which is a package of programming tasks that offering services through the Internet. Therefore, this paper gives short overview the importance of Flask web frameworks to assist the lack of computational skill of statistician over web application in the simplest possible way and how web framework is used to create a web page with application form, run the application to compute statistical calculation which has been deployed in local server, and produce a web page with the solutions

2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (4) ◽  
pp. 57
Yusuf Sermet ◽  
Ibrahim Demir

The COVID-19 pandemic elucidated that knowledge systems will be instrumental in cases where accurate information needs to be communicated to a substantial group of people with different backgrounds and technological resources. However, several challenges and obstacles hold back the wide adoption of virtual assistants by public health departments and organizations. This paper presents the Instant Expert, an open-source semantic web framework to build and integrate voice-enabled smart assistants (i.e., chatbots) for any web platform regardless of the underlying domain and technology. The component allows non-technical domain experts to effortlessly incorporate an operational assistant with voice recognition capability into their websites. Instant Expert is capable of automatically parsing, processing, and modeling Frequently Asked Questions pages as an information resource as well as communicating with an external knowledge engine for ontology-powered inference and dynamic data use. The presented framework uses advanced web technologies to ensure reusability and reliability, and an inference engine for natural-language understanding powered by deep learning and heuristic algorithms. A use case for creating an informatory assistant for COVID-19 based on the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) data is presented to demonstrate the framework’s usage and benefits.

2021 ◽  
Vol 8 (2) ◽  
pp. 100-107
Salim Satriajati ◽  
Ibnu Santoso

Abstrak— Kemajuan teknologi informasi dan komunikasi saat ini menyebabkan akses terhadap berita menjadi lebih cepat. Pengumpulan berita dari media daring menjadi hal yang penting untuk menunjang berbagai kepentingan. Pengumpulan berita juga perlu dilakukan secara otomatis supaya efisien dan efektif. Maka, dalam penelitian ini akan dibangun sebuah aplikasi pengumpul berita untuk mendapatkan berita dari media daring. Aplikasi dibangun dengan menggunakan dua buah web framework, yakni Codeigniter dan Flask. Selain itu, juga digunakan package Scrapy yang berbasis Python sebagai alat untuk melakukan web crawling dan web scraping. Black-box testing digunakan untuk mengevaluasi fungsionalitas sistem. Berdasarkan hasil dari black-box testing, dapat disimpulkan bahwa seluruh fungsi pada aplikasi pengumpul berita dari media daring yang telah dibuat dapat berjalan sesuai harapan Peneliti.   Kata kunci— berita, web scraping, web crawling, Flask, Codeigniter, Scrapy

2021 ◽  
Vol 15 (2) ◽  
pp. 13
Arief Herdiansah ◽  
Rohmat Indra Borman ◽  
Sonia Maylinda

PT Victory Chingluh Indonesia merupakan perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang industri manufacture yang memproduksi sepatu olahraga merk global, karena itu hasil proses produksi yang berjalan di setiap proses produksi harus merupakan hasil yang sesuai dengan standard kualitas yang sudah ditetapkan Perusahaan. Penelitian ini merupakan penelitian terapan yang dilakukan di bagian Quality Control (QC) PT Victory Chingluh Indonesia khususnya monitoring dan reporting proses laminating. Saat ini proses cek kualitas hasil produksi dan proses pembuatan laporan  QC belum dilakukan menggunakan sebuah sistem informasi berbasis komputer, sehingga peneliti merasa perlu untuk membantu mengembangkan sistem informasi monitoring dan reporting quality control. Dalam proses pengumpulan data, peneliti melakukan metode survey dan wawancana kepada staf terkait dibagian QC proses laminating. Peneliti menggunakan UML (Unified Modeling Language) dalam proses perancangan sistem informasi dan peneliti menggunakan bahasa pemrograman PHP dengan framework laravel dalam tahap pengembangan sistem. berbasis database dan web. Pada tahapan akhir pengembangan, sistem yang dihasilkan diuji dengan menggunakan metode pengujian black box. Sistem yang dihasilkan telah dapat membantu staf QC me-monitoring hasil pekerjaan QC dan membuat laporan QC hasil proses produksi dengan cepat dan tepat, sistem yang dihasilkan juga menghasilkan sebuah laporan dalam bentuk dashboard (grafik) yang dapat mempermudah manajemen untuk melakukan analisa laporan hasil produksi QC di PT Victory Chingluh Indonesia

German Braun ◽  
Giuliano Marinelli ◽  
Emiliano Rios Gavagnin ◽  
Laura Cecchi ◽  
Pablo Fillottrani

In this work, we treat web interoperability in terms of interchanging ontologies (as knowledge models) within user-centred ontology engineering environments, involving visual and serialised representations of ontologies. To do this, we deal with the tool interoperability problem by re-using an enough expressive ontology-driven metamodel, named KF, proposed as a bridge for interchanging both knowledge models. We provide an extensible web framework, named crowd 2.0, unifying the standard conceptual data modelling languages for generating OWL 2 ontologies from semantic visualisations. Visual models are designed as UML, ER or ORM 2 diagrams, represented as KF instances, and finally, formalised as DL-based models. Reasoning results may be newly incorporated into the shared KF instance to be visualised in any of the provided languages.

2021 ◽  
Myrian Noguera Salinas

Numerosas iniciativas têm buscado atrair meninas e mulheres para as carreiras STEM (Ciência, Tecnologia, Engenharia e Matemática) através de diferentes oficinas. Este trabalho têm como objetivo relatar a experiência das oficinas desenvolvidas com meninas do ensino médio e mulheres adultas do Paraguai e Uruguai durante os anos de 2018 e 2019. As oficinas incluíram a criação de um Blog Web com HTML/CSS, Python e Django Web Framework, além de palestras e debates sobre personalidades femininas proeminentes, bem como a inserção feminina na tecnologia. Foram aplicados questionários de percepção onde os dados obtidos também são apresentados, analisados e discutidos.

Avinash Kumar Pandey

In this project our goal is to build a tweet sentimental analysis in which user can search and analyse thousands of tweets in one go. For backend we will use python and Django web framework and for front end we are going to use HTML, Css and bootstrap. It will help to analyse any hashtag and companies about their product feedback reviews. This project contains only the one user side. It is like a tweets search analyser. The design of this project is pretty simple so that the user won’t find any difficulties while working on it.

2021 ◽  
Carlos Erazo Ramirez ◽  
Yusuf Sermet ◽  
Frank Molkenthin ◽  
Ibrahim Demir

This paper presents HydroLang, an open-source and integrated community-driven computational web framework to support research and education in hydrology and water resources. HydroLang uses client-side web technologies and standards to perform different routines which aim towards the acquisition, management, transformation, analysis and visualization of hydrological datasets. HydroLang is comprised of four main high-cohesion low-coupling modules for: (1) retrieving, manipulating, and transforming raw hydrological data, (2) statistical operations, hydrological analysis, and creating models, (3) generating graphical and tabular data representations, and (4) mapping and geospatial data visualization. Two extensive case studies (i.e., evaluation of lumped models and development of a rainfall disaggregation model) have been presented to demonstrate the framework’s capabilities, portability, and interoperability. HydroLang’s unique modular architecture and open-source nature allow it to be easily tailored into any use case and web framework and promote iterative enhancements with community involvement to establish the comprehensive next-generation hydrological software toolkit.

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