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2021 ◽  
Vol 0 (3) ◽  
pp. 28-32

The article examines the attitudes towards education and professional career development of young people through the prism of the gender factor. The relevance of the study is due to the ongoing transformation of the economic system, the unpleasant consequence of which is the discrepancy between supply and demand in the labor market and the resulting employment problems. Also, researchers are increasingly highlighting the problems of female employment associated with various socio-economic factors (lower wages, informal employment, inaccessibility of certain professions, difficulties in combining motherhood and employment, single-parent families, etc.), as a result of which women are more often included in the working group. poverty. Today, with all the changes taking place in social systems, one of the most significant social lifts is the institution of higher education. So, material wealth often depends on the education received and subsequent professional implementation. The research interest lies in the analysis of the attitudes of modern youth in relation to the institution of education and professional career as an opportunity to improve the quality of life. Do these attitudes differ among young girls and boys, how do they assess their capabilities? The data of a sociological study conducted by the author in 2020 on the topic of professional identity of university students in Ufa are presented. The results of which showed that modern young people are not inclined to link the level of education received and the amount of income. The concept of success in life is somewhat different for men and women, if, first of all, girls want to have a favorite job and family, then for men the desire to be free and independent turned out to be paramount. Also, male respondents more often count on career advancement and professional growth. The research data to some extent reflect the gender attitudes of the generation of parents among today's Russian youth. In order to overcome the manifestations of gender statistical discrimination in the labor sphere, increase the economic resilience of women and reduce the risk of falling into the poverty zone, it is necessary to develop and implement social programs oriented towards this.

2021 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Clara Margaça ◽  
Brizeida Hernández Sánchez ◽  
José Carlos Sánchez-García

Purpose To achieve sustainable development to protect the environment and society, an increasing number of scholars have conducted in-depth research on sustainable and responsible consumption behaviors. The outputs demonstrate that consumers are increasingly concerned and aware of the issues associated with the excessive use of resources. The purpose of this paper is to analyze the validity and reliability of the Sustainable Consumption Scale (SC-S) in the Spanish context. Design/methodology/approach The adaptation of SC-S to Spanish was carried out in accordance with international methodological standards. The Spanish version of this scale was applied empirically to the research sample was composed of 962 university students (49.1% male and 50.9% female) from 54 Universities in 15 regions of Spain that participated in the study. Findings The analyses carried out to verify the psychometric properties retained 16 items from the original proposal, grouped equally in three factors: Cognitive – six items; Affective – seven items; and Conative – four items. The scale presented adequate adjustment indexes, as well as optimal values of the different measures of reliability, recommended by the literature. Originality/value This instrument can be used by the Spanish academic community, which will contribute to the assessment and prediction regarding a sustainable consumption attitude. From these screenings, it will be also possible to understand the impact and development of the objectives outlined by Agenda 2030.

2021 ◽  
Vol 206 ◽  
pp. 108367
Nan Zhang ◽  
Xiyue Liu ◽  
Tianyi Jin ◽  
Pengcheng Zhao ◽  
Doudou Miao ◽  

Metin Kocatürk ◽  
İlhan Çiçek

Abstract Childhood experiences can affect individuals’ self-esteem and psychological resilience during personality and psychosocial development in adolescence and adulthood. The effect of positive childhood experiences on adulthood has rarely been investigated, with most studies focusing on negative aspects of childhood. Evidence shows that they also influence the development of psychological resilience and self-esteem. This study examined the relationship between positive childhood experiences, self-esteem, and psychological resilience. A total of 570 university students completed the Positive Childhood Experience Scale, Brief Resilience Scale and Rosenberg Self-Esteem Scale. The results of structural equation modelling indicated that positive experiences significantly predicted self-esteem and resilience. Self-esteem also predicted psychological resilience. Most importantly, positive childhood experiences had an indirect effect on resilience through self-esteem. The results suggest that focusing on positive aspects of childhood is as important and functional as dealing with negative ones to contribute to self-esteem and resilience. We suggest that school psychologists and counsellors could integrate these results into intervention programs to improve resilience through increased self-esteem.

2021 ◽  
Svetlana Bendyurina ◽  
Mihail Goncharov ◽  
Denis Evstifeev

In the textbook, in accordance with the requirements of the federal state educational standard of higher professional education of the third generation, from the standpoint of the current state of constitutional law, the issues of the course of constitutional law of Russia, the theory and practice of constitutional construction, constitutional and legal regulation of the structure of the state, the political system, society as a whole are systematically and fully disclosed. For university students studying in the direction of training 030900 " Jurisprudence "(qualification (degree)" bachelor"," master"), graduate students and teachers of law schools, employees of state authorities and local self-government, as well as for anyone interested in constitutional law.

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