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1958-9395, 0003-4347

Aymen Hasan Alawadi ◽  
Sándor Molnár

AbstractData center networks (DCNs) act as critical infrastructures for emerging technologies. In general, a DCN involves a multi-rooted tree with various shortest paths of equal length from end to end. The DCN fabric must be maintained and monitored to guarantee high availability and better QoS. Traditional traffic engineering (TE) methods frequently reroute large flows based on the shortest and least-congested paths to maintain high service availability. This procedure results in a weak link utilization with frequent packet reordering. Moreover, DCN link failures are typical problems. State-of-the-art approaches address such challenges by modifying the network components (switches or hosts) to discover and avoid broken connections. This study proposes Oddlab (Odds labels), a novel deployable TE method to guarantee the QoS of multi-rooted data center (DC) traffic in symmetric and asymmetric modes. Oddlab creatively builds a heuristic model for efficient flow scheduling and faulty link detection by exclusively using the gathered statistics from the DCN data plane, such as residual bandwidth and the number of installed elephant flows. Besides, the proposed method is implemented in an SDN-based DCN without altering the network components. Our findings indicate that Oddlab can minimize the flow completion time, maximize bisection bandwidth, improve network utilization, and recognize faulty links with sufficient accuracy to improve DC productivity.

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