scholarly journals Circular production and maintenance of automotive parts: An Internet of Things (IoT) data framework and practice review

2022 ◽  
Vol 136 ◽  
pp. 103593
C. Turner ◽  
O. Okorie ◽  
C. Emmanouilidis ◽  
J. Oyekan

The typical Internet of Things (IoT) device gathers a huge amount of data specifically termed as big data framework, which transfers the collected data from the sensing layer to the information processing layer. Various big data classification methods are adopted in the industrial applications, and smart cities, but accurately classifying the data in the IoT network poses a challenging task in the research community. Therefore, an effective big data classification model using spark-based architecture is proposed in this research. The big data classification is performed at the master node using the proposed Fractional Artificial Bee Colony- Chaotic Fruitfly Rider Optimization Algorithm (FABC-CFFRideNN). The concept of fictional computing is adopted by the rider optimization algorithm (ROA) to update the position of rider groups based on success rate and the foraging behavior of fruit flies along with the rider parameters is used to enhance to performance of data classification using the proposed CFFRideNN classifier. Moreover, the proposed Fractional Artificial Bee Colony- Chaotic Fruitfly Rider Optimization Algorithm attained better performance using the metrics, namely accuracy, specificity, and sensitivity with the values of 95.382%, 95.81%, and 98.824% for training percentage without node velocity.

Ramesh P. ◽  
V. Mathivanan

<p>Internet of Things (IoT) - empowered data framework arrangements are developing in different spaces, for example, remote social insurance, keen coordination’s, farming et cetera. In the mean time, Business Development Management Frameworks (BDMF) has turned out to be promising instruments for driving and overseeing gadgets inside IoT frameworks. Be that as it may, past works have not completely tended to how the IoT-based BDMF can proceed with their execution when the included IoT gadgets don't have a dependable Internet association. In this paper, we propose a framework outline for decentralized device to device (D2D) - based BD execution, where versatile hubs have the ability of both executing BDs additionally moving BD execution to different hubs amid runtime. We apply this plan to the field of shrewd coordination’s, keeping in mind the end goal to empower savvy products checking. The exhibited merchandise observing arrangement empowers responding to occasions when they happen, while likewise producing a hint of the checking execution history. A model concentrating on the movement usefulness of the stage has been actualized and tried to assess its execution with regards to the specified savvy coordination’s situation.</p>

2020 ◽  
pp. 1-12
Zhang Caiqian ◽  
Zhang Xincheng

The existing stand-alone multimedia machines and online multimedia machines in the market have certain deficiencies, so they cannot meet the actual needs. Based on this, this research combines the actual needs to design and implement a multi-media system based on the Internet of Things and cloud service platform. Moreover, through in-depth research on the MQTT protocol, this study proposes a message encryption verification scheme for the MQTT protocol, which can solve the problem of low message security in the Internet of Things communication to a certain extent. In addition, through research on the fusion technology of the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, this research designs scheme to provide a LightGBM intelligent prediction module interface, MQTT message middleware, device management system, intelligent prediction and push interface for the cloud platform. Finally, this research completes the design and implementation of the cloud platform and tests the function and performance of the built multimedia system database. The research results show that the multimedia database constructed in this paper has good performance.

Uppuluri Sirisha ◽  
G. Lakshme Eswari

This paper briefly introduces Internet of Things(IOT) as a intellectual connectivity among the physical objects or devices which are gaining massive increase in the fields like efficiency, quality of life and business growth. IOT is a global network which is interconnecting around 46 million smart meters in U.S. alone with 1.1 billion data points per day[1]. The total installation base of IOT connecting devices would increase to 75.44 billion globally by 2025 with a increase in growth in business, productivity, government efficiency, lifestyle, etc., This paper familiarizes the serious concern such as effective security and privacy to ensure exact and accurate confidentiality, integrity, authentication access control among the devices.

Shreya Joshi ◽  
Ms Bhavyaa ◽  
Suhani Gupta ◽  
Lalita Luthra

Blockchain is considered to be a disruptive core technology. Although many researchers have realized the importance of blockchain, but the research of it is still emerging. It is the record-keeping technology behind bitcoin and is one of the hottest and fastest growing skills in the IT sector today. It serves as an immutable ledger which allows transactions to take place in a decentralized man Blockchain-based applications are rising up, covering numerous fields including finance, healthcare, product management, Internet of Things (IoT), and many more. However, there are still some challenges of blockchain technology such as scalability and security problems which need to be overcome. This paper comprises of a comprehensive study of Blockchain technology. We have included here a deep dive into how blockchains work, its architecture, consensus and various applications. Furthermore, technical challenges are briefly listed.

2018 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 74
Helina Apriyani ◽  
Sismadi Sismadi ◽  
Sefrika Sefrika

AbstrakInternet of things (IoT) adalah sebuah konsep yang menghubungkan komputer dan perangkat elektronik melalui internet dan dapat dikendalikan dari jarak jauh. Konsep terpenting dalam Internet of things (Iot) adalah modul sistem informasi, koneksi internet dan penyimpanan datanya dalam cloud computing. Konsep ini memiliki manfaat besar dalam perkembangan usaha dan kelangsungan bisnis perusahaan dimana hampir semua bidang menggunakan IoT untuk dapat bersaing di pasaran. Indonesia merupakan sebuah negara yang dianugerahi kekayaan alam yang melimpah ruah. Salah satu komoditi unggulan adalah produk pertanian. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk membantu para petani dalam memasarkan produknya melalui e-commerce dengan menggunakan konsep Internet of things IoT. Metode penelitian dengan menggunakan metode incremental.  Incremental digunakan untuk mendesai produk, kemudian  diimplementasikan, dan diuji secara bertahap (setiap modul akan ditambahkan bertahap) hingga produk selesai. Hasil penelitian ini digunakan untuk membantu petani di Kabupaten Bogor untuk mendistribusikan penjualannya secara luas, meningkatkan revenue dan memutus rantai panjang proses penjualan. Kata kunci— sistem penjualan, incremental, Internet of Things (IoT), produk pertanian, Kabupaten Bogor Abstract Internet of things (IoT) is a concept that connects computers and electronic devices via the internet and can be controlled remotely. The main concept in Internet of things (IoT) is information systems, internet connections and data storage in cloud computing. This concept has great benefits in the efforts and efforts used to use IoT to be able to compete in the market. Indonesia is a country that is blessed with abundant natural resources. One of the leading commodities is agricultural products. This study aims to help farmers market their products through e-commerce using the IoT Internet of things concept. Research method using incremental method. Incremental to design the product, then implemented, and gradually delay (each module will be added gradually) until the product is finished. The results of this study are to help farmers in Bogor Regency to distribute sales widely, increase revenue and break the sales process. Keywords—sales system, incremental, Internet of Things (IoT), agricultural products, Kabupaten Bogor

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