scholarly journals Wind power bidding coordinated with energy storage system operation in real-time electricity market: A maximum entropy deep reinforcement learning approach

2022 ◽  
Vol 8 ◽  
pp. 770-775
Xiangyu Wei ◽  
Yue Xiang ◽  
Junlong Li ◽  
Junyong Liu
2013 ◽  
Vol 860-863 ◽  
pp. 287-292 ◽  
Peng Yu ◽  
Guang Lei Li ◽  
Yong Zhang ◽  
Yan Cheng ◽  
Shu Min Sun ◽  

The energy storage technique is one of the most effective means for the real-time wind power regulation. Firstly, this paper discussed the operation mode of energy storage system for real-time wind power regulation. At the same time, we proposed that the energy storage system applied into the real-time wind power regulation should be of the properties of high power density, high energy density and long cycle life. By analyzing the properties of battery and supercapacitor, we arrive at the conclusion that the battery-supercapacitor hybrid system obtains the enhanced characteristics to meet the performance requirement for energy storage system. In order to achieve the real-time wind power suppression, we carried out a comparative research on the topology of battery-supercapacitor hybrid system. The operation mode of each topology was discussed. From the standpoint of practical engineering, the merits and deficiencies of each topology were explored.

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