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2022 ◽  
Vol 166 ◽  
pp. 108479
Mohsen Amjadian ◽  
Anil K. Agrawal ◽  
Christian E. Silva ◽  
Shirley J. Dyke

Micromachines ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 13 (1) ◽  
pp. 130
Yinglong Chen ◽  
Qiang Sun ◽  
Qiang Guo ◽  
Yongjun Gong

Compared with rigid robots, soft robots have better adaptability to the environment because of their pliability. However, due to the lower structural stiffness of the soft manipulator, the posture of the manipulator is usually decided by the weight and the external load under operating conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct dynamics modeling and movement analysis of the soft manipulator. In this paper, a fabric reinforced soft manipulator driven by a water hydraulic system is firstly proposed, and the dynamics of both the soft manipulator and hydraulic system are considered. Specifically, a dynamic model of the soft manipulator is established based on an improved Newton–Euler iterative method, which comprehensively considers the influence of inertial force, elastic force, damping force, as well as combined bending and torsion moments. The dynamics of the water hydraulic system consider the effects of cylinder inertia, friction, and water response. Finally, the accuracy of the proposed dynamic model is verified by comparing the simulation results with the experimental data about the steady and dynamic characteristics of the soft manipulator under various conditions. The results show that the maximum sectional error is about 0.0245 m and that the maximum cumulative error is 0.042 m, which validate the effectiveness of the proposed model.

Kate E. Dray ◽  
Joseph J. Muldoon ◽  
Niall M. Mangan ◽  
Neda Bagheri ◽  
Joshua N. Leonard

2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-9
Ke Cao ◽  
Jing Xiao ◽  
Yan Wu

Urban landscape design as a contemporary art embodies postmodernist philosophical thinking, aesthetic thinking, and breaking the traditional concept of art, and it is a new way of creating and presenting art. Big data technology characterized by large scale, speed, variety, value, and uncertainty of data is used to achieve urban landscape design. In this article, during the research process, we strive to raise the revelation of the design layer rather than the brand new level of cross-fertilization and interaction between big data-driven discrete dynamic model and urban landscape design; we also reveal how the benefits of promoting urban development and harmonious life are achieved in the interactive expression of the urban landscape after the application of the big data-driven discrete dynamic model, which provides designers and related professionals with more detailed and novel design ideas at the theoretical level and makes the theory of big data-driven discrete dynamic models in landscape design interactive methods more enriched. Finally, this article puts forward its thinking and outlook on the design of the big data-driven discrete dynamic model in the interactivity of urban landscape design, hoping that artists will strengthen its functional and material design elements when creating performance. Moreover, more design means of emerging technologies of modern science and technology should be integrated so that modern urban landscape can achieve ordinary and uncommon benefits and promote the rapid development of the big data-driven discrete dynamic model in urban landscape design development.

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