Shear behavior analysis and capacity prediction for the steel fiber reinforced concrete beam with recycled fine aggregate and recycled coarse aggregate

Structures ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 37 ◽  
pp. 44-55
Danying Gao ◽  
Weiwei Zhu ◽  
Dong Fang ◽  
Jiyu Tang ◽  
Haitang Zhu
2012 ◽  
Vol 166-169 ◽  
pp. 616-619 ◽  
Hang Jing ◽  
Yong Quan Li

A simplified finite element model for analysis of the Layered steel fiber beams with the concrete damaged plasticity model has been presented. The numerical simulation of load-deflection curve of layered steel fiber reinforced concrete beam under three-point loads is performed using ABAQUS. The results of simulation are generally in conformance with the experiment. The results of numerical simulation show that layered steel fiber has little contribution to the elastic capacity of concrete beam. But it can improve the ultimate bearing capacity of concrete beam obviously. The bending collapse style of layered steel fiber reinforced concrete beam is different from plain concrete beam evidently with obvious ductile characteristic.

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