Broadband High-Efficiency Quasi-Class-J Power Amplifier Based on Nonlinear Output Capacitance Effect

Wenjie Feng ◽  
Wenbin Wu ◽  
Xin Yu Zhou ◽  
Wenquan Che ◽  
Yongrong Shi
Electronics ◽  
2019 ◽  
Vol 8 (11) ◽  
pp. 1312 ◽  
Chen Jin ◽  
Yuan Gao ◽  
Wei Chen ◽  
Jianhua Huang ◽  
Zhiyu Wang ◽  

This paper presents a high-efficiency continuous class B power amplifier MMIC (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit) from 8 GHz to 10.5 GHz, fabricated with 0.25 μm GaN-on-SiC technology. The Pedro load-line method was performed to calculate the optimum load of the GaN field-effect transistor (FET) for efficiency enhancement. Optimized by an output second-harmonic tuned network, fundamental to second-harmonic impedance, mapping was established point-to-point within a broad frequency band, which approached the classic continuous class B mode with an expanded high-efficiency bandwidth. Moreover, the contribution to the output capacitance of the FET was introduced into the output second-harmonic tuned network, which simplified the structure of the output matching network. Assisted by the second-harmonic source-pull technique, the input second-harmonic tuned network was optimized to improve the efficiency of the power amplifier over the operation band. The measurement results showed 51–59% PAE (Power Added Efficiency) and 19.8–21.2 dB power gain with a saturated power of 40.8–42.2 dBm from 8 GHz to 10.5 GHz. The size of the chip was 3.2 × 2.4 mm2.

2015 ◽  
Vol E98.C (4) ◽  
pp. 377-379
Jonggyun LIM ◽  
Wonshil KANG ◽  
Kang-Yoon LEE ◽  
Hyunchul KU

Jose Antonio Estrada ◽  
Pedro de Paco ◽  
Seth Johannes ◽  
Dimitra Psychogiou ◽  
Zoya Popovic

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