thermophysical properties
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2022 ◽  
Vol 46 ◽  
pp. 103794
Elisangela Jesus D'Oliveira ◽  
Sol Carolina Costa Pereira ◽  
Dominic Groulx ◽  
Ulugbek Azimov

2022 ◽  
Vol 318 ◽  
pp. 126031
Imane Bouchefra ◽  
Fatima Zahra EL Bichri ◽  
Hassan Chehouani ◽  
Brahim Benhamou

2022 ◽  
Vol 906 ◽  
pp. 77-83
Anna Karamyan ◽  
Karen Movsesyan ◽  
Tigran Manukyan

The choice of highly efficient materials for the opaque parts of the building facades is the most effective factor in increasing its thermal protection. A decrease in the coefficient of U-value of opaque parts of a building directly affects the consumption of both thermal energy and the energy demand for cooling. Two-component or multi-component composite materials today occupy a large place in modern construction. This article analyzes the methodology for testing the thermophysical properties of these materials, reveals a new approach to determine to it, taking into account the links between the thermal conductivity and the thermal diffusivity of materials. The article analyzes the relationship between buildings and the surfaces of the outer envelope and the dependence of the energy efficiency index of the building.

2022 ◽  
D. Boldyrev

Abstract. Wear and crack resistance are important operational characteristics of brake discs. The paper presents the most optimal concentration of sulfur in cast iron, which ensures its least wear, and discusses the implementation of the front brake discs manufacture from Gh190 cast iron having 0.11 ... 0.13% sulfur content at contrast to the 0.01 ... 0.03% sulfur content, and proves the change leads to a significant increase in wear and frictional properties of the discs. In the course of research, it is found that the increase in the crack resistance of brake discs is possible due to the improvement of the thermophysical properties of cast iron with the increase in the carbon content (up to 3.55 ... 3.60%) and the decrease in the silicon content (up to 1.45 ... 1.50%), while the carbon equivalent is constant.

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