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2021 ◽  
pp. 383-392
Natalia Zaichuk ◽  
Sergii Shymchuk ◽  
Anatolii Tkachuk ◽  
Yurii Shymchuk ◽  
Karim Kashash Badir

2021 ◽  
О. І. Babachenko ◽  
H. А. Коnonenko ◽  
R. V. Podolskyi ◽  
O. А. Safronova

Анатолій Fesenko ◽  
Fatyma Yevsiukova ◽  
Olena Naboka ◽  
Mariia Kolisnyk ◽  
Yevhen Honcharov

Quality of superficial layer of details of machines, qualificatory them operating descriptions in most cases are formed at polishing. This process is characterized high thermal tension and large probability of appearance in the superficial layers of the polished details of defects as прожогов and микротрещин, reducing their operating properties.              One of ways of decline of thermal tension of process of polishing and improvement of quality of the polished details are the use of rational charts of treatment and application of effective compositions of lubricating-cooling liquids (LCL). For realization of these terms the instrumental module of collapsible diamond-impregnated for the round outward polishing, using the methods of irregular treatment, is in-process worked out, providing a serve  LCL in the zone of cutting and her activating in кавитационных attachments. His construction allows to improve penetration LCL in the zone of contact of diamond-impregnated with a purveyance, that results in reduction of теплонапряженности process and improvement of quality of surface at the increase of the productivity of treatment. The effect of the irregular polishing is got with admission LCL  through abrasive bars and interval between them.

Energies ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 14 (14) ◽  
pp. 4353
Tomasz Drabek ◽  
Dawid Kara ◽  
Tomasz Kołacz ◽  
Tomasz Lerch ◽  
Jerzy Skwarczyński

The paper presents the results of laboratory tests and FEM 2D calculations of the DCEFSM (Direct Current Excited Flux Switching Machine) electric motor prototype, made based on the stator ferromagnetic sheets of the induction motor. Static measurements of torques, currents, power, efficiency, electromotive forces, and voltages of the motor under various operating conditions were performed, as well as the recordings of its currents and back-EMFs waveforms. FEM calculations of measured values were also performed. The obtained results allow us to conclude that the motor has the operating properties of an under-excited synchronous cylindrical motor and can be vector controlled like the PMSM motor. The results of measurements and calculations indicate the need to redesign the magnetic circuit of the stator.

Rocio Sedano ◽  
Tran M Nguyen ◽  
Ahmed Almradi ◽  
Florian Rieder ◽  
Claire E Parker ◽  

Abstract Background Several indices exist to measure pouchitis disease activity; however, none are fully validated. As an initial step toward creating a validated instrument, we identified pouchitis disease activity indices, examined their operating properties, and assessed their value as outcome measures in clinical trials. Methods Electronic databases were searched to identify randomized controlled trials including indices that evaluated clinical, endoscopic, or histologic pouchitis disease activity. A second search identified studies that assessed the operating properties of pouchitis indices. Results Eighteen randomized controlled trials utilizing 4 composite pouchitis disease activity indices were identified. The Pouchitis Disease Activity Index (PDAI) was most commonly used (12 of 18; 66.7%) to define both trial eligibility (8 of 12; 66.7%), and outcome measures (12 of 12; 100%). In a separate search, 21 studies evaluated the operating properties of 3 pouchitis indices; 90.5% (19 of 21) evaluated validity, of which 42.1% (8 of 19) evaluated the construct validity of the PDAI. Criterion validity (73.7%; 14 of 19) was evaluated through correlation of the PDAI with fecal calprotectin (FCP; r = 0.188 to 0.71), fecal lactoferrin (r = 0.570 to 0.582), and C-reactive protein (CRP; r = 0.584). Two studies assessed correlation of the modified PDAI (mPDAI) with FCP (r = 0.476 and r = 0.565, respectively). Fair to moderate inter-rater reliability of the PDAI (k = 0.440) and mPDAI (k = 0.389) was reported in a single study. Responsiveness of the PDAI pre-antibiotic and postantibiotic treatment was partially evaluated in a single study of 12 patients. Conclusions Development and validation of a specific pouchitis disease activity index is needed given that existing instruments are not valid, reliable, or responsive.

2021 ◽  
Vol 1 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-6
Shixaliyev Kerem Seyfi

In given work a scientific base compatibility of polymers, produced by industry have been studied by revealing of thermodynamically regularities of polymer mixtures. The most significant thermodynamic regularities of the mixtures of polyolefin , produced by industry and heterochained polymers have been revealed and on this base the scientific bases of their compatibility have been developed for creation of multicomponent compositional materials with given complex of operating properties.

A. A. Zhdanov ◽  
I. V. Firsov ◽  
A. A. Kozhevnikova ◽  
E. V. Kapinosova

The article considers the problems of ensuring the specified operating properties of machine parts during multitransient machining, and more precisely, the discrepancies and errors laid down at the stage of technological process design.

2021 ◽  
Vol 156 (3) ◽  
pp. 32-40
M.V. Khutko ◽  
O.A. Gordiienko ◽  
T.I. Sydoruk ◽  
А.P. Ranskyi ◽  

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