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BMJ Open ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 11 (12) ◽  
pp. e047393
Kiera Louise Adams ◽  
Kate E Saunders ◽  
Charles Donald George Keown-Stoneman ◽  
Anne C Duffy

ObjectiveThis study examined the association between candidate psychosocial and lifestyle variables and the trajectories of clinically significant anxiety and depressive symptoms from entry to completion of first-year university.DesignA longitudinal cohort studyParticipantsFirst-year undergraduate studentsMethodsWe analysed the responses of 1686 first-year undergraduate students attending Queen’s University who completed electronic surveys at both the beginning and completion of their academic year. Predictors of change in positive anxiety and depressive symptom screens (based on exceeding validated symptom threshold scores) were identified using logistic regression.ResultsIncreased university connectedness reduced the odds of emergent significant depressive and anxiety symptoms in healthy students and increased the odds of recovery in students who screened positive at the start of university. Students who screened positive for depression or anxiety at university entry were less likely to recover if they had a lifetime history of internalising disorders. Healthy students who increased their drug use over their first year had higher odds of developing significant levels of both anxiety and depressive symptoms by completion of the academic year.ConclusionsModerate to severe levels of anxiety and depressive symptoms are common among students at entry to university and persist over the first year. University connectedness may mitigate the risk of persistent or emergent symptoms, whereas drug use appears to increase these risks. Findings have implications for university well-being initiatives.

2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (11) ◽  
pp. 145-154
Shaohong Chen ◽  
Shaomei Fang ◽  
Yan'e Zhang

Students from private undergraduate universities were included in this study as research subjects. Questionnaires were distributed to the students to collect information in order to keep abreast of students’ motivation, preference, preparation and plan, encountered difficulties and adjustments made, demands, as well as other aspects about their postgraduate entrance examination. The results showed that students from private universities have clear motivation for their postgraduate entrance examination, but there are some problems, such as the lack of scientific choices, long preparation time, more challenges, and lack of school support. In view of these problems, this study offers countermeasures and suggestions for these students and relevant schools.

2021 ◽  
Vol 11 (12) ◽  
pp. 768
Dorys C. González ◽  
Jesús Mínguez ◽  
Miguel A. Vicente

This paper shows a teaching experience related to the use of computed tomography in the teaching of concrete for undergraduate students of the civil engineering degree. This experience reveals that computed tomography is a powerful tool to facilitate the understanding of all those aspects related to the microstructure of concrete, thus facilitating comprehension of the correlation between the microstructure and its macroscopic response. In addition, students showed a greater motivation and interest in the subject, which promotes better academic learning. A pilot test was carried out to evaluate the viability of these practices and to analyze the teaching impact of this activity. The results show that students were very interested in the use of new technologies in teaching and, more particularly, in the use of computed tomography. The students satisfactorily received the project. A greater motivation of the students in the subject was also observed, which resulted in better grades when compared with those of previous courses. The results reveal that the average grade of the students rose by around 8%, and a higher percentage of students achieved higher scores when compared to the previous five years.

F1000Research ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 10 ◽  
pp. 468
Wolter Parlindungan Silalahi ◽  
Friska Ria Sitorus

Background: This qualitative study investigates the experiences of international students’ exchange who faced difficulties in adjusting to their new environment. They experienced awkwardness in the use of advanced equipment from technology and in various cultural aspects. This study investigates two Indonesian students who participated for a semester at a Taiwanese university. It aims to explore the Indonesian student exchange program awardees’ experiences by examining both the obstacles and benefits of attending the Taiwanese university. Methods: This study used qualitative data analysis. Data were collected through a semi-structured interview, informal participant observations, and a set of open and closed-ended questions. Two Indonesian undergraduate students who belonged to the same major, year, and university were recruited to participate in this study. Results: Challenges and Benefits are the two major themes in this research. Challenges include: (1) Departure and journey; (2) Difficulties in settling in; (3) Inability to use technology facilities. Benefits include: (1) Meeting new people and exploring new places; and (2) 21st-century classroom environments. Conclusions: Despite the challenges that are associated with being students exchange awardee, there are vast opportunities for self-development and learning that is associated with teaching from the 21st-century classroom pedagogy.

2021 ◽  
Vol 3 (3) ◽  
pp. 83-100
Irén Godó

This paper is about the practical application of Metamorphoses creative-developmental fairy tale therapy, which is presented based on a three-session Metamorphoses creative-developmental fairy tale therapy session. The sessions were conducted between April and May 2021, among students (n=24) of the University of Debrecen, who were previously not familiar with fairy tale therapy, nor with the works of Ildikó Boldizsár. Through the media environment of the session, we also reflected together on the effects of internet consumption and the dangers of the internet. The study highlights the students' attitudes towards this method and their participation and activity in the online space. The experiences gained during the 3 sessions and the feedback of the students appear as a guideline to conclude the study. The practical application of the Metamorphoses creative-developmental fairy tale therapy will show whether this methodology has a role to play in higher education.

2022 ◽  
Vol 9 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-7
Pham et al. ◽  

Human sexual behavior research is a multidisciplinary endeavor that seeks to comprehend one of the most vital and complex aspects of our behavioral science. This study aimed to investigate Vietnamese university students' perception of sexual knowledge as well as the relationship between gender, academic year, and sexual orientation. The questionnaire was sent to 666 Vietnamese undergraduate students in four universities which 418 respondents were considered valid for research purposes. The study results showed that there was a significant difference among the four study groups of different (1) academic year; (2) sexual orientations; (3) gender and academic year level; (4) academic year and sexual orientation; (5) gender, academic year, and sexual orientation level when considered jointly on the variables of the three aspects of the Sex knowledge and Attitude Questionnaire II. However, there was no reciprocal relationship between (6) gender; (7) gender, and sexual orientation level. The findings of this study will have implications for school policies that attempt to promote and maintain a positive school climate in an effort to address the issue of sexuality education, including sexual knowledge.

Francesca Gallè ◽  
Federica Valeriani ◽  
Daniela Marotta ◽  
Andrea De Giorgi ◽  
Annalisa Bargellini ◽  

Background: tattooing and piercing are increasingly common, especially among youths. However, several health complications may be associated with these practices if basic hygiene rules are not respected. This multicenter study was aimed at exploring tattoo and piercing experiences reported by a large sample of Italian undergraduate students through a public health perspective. Methods: tattooed and/or pierced students attending 12 Italian universities were asked to complete a web-based questionnaire regarding their body art experience. Results: out of 1472 respondents, 833 (56.6%) were tattooed and 1009 (68.5%) were pierced. The greatest proportion of tattooed students (93.9%) got her/his first tattoo in a tattoo studio, while most of the pierced were serviced in a jewelry store (48.0%). The pierced ones were less informed on health issues related to the procedure (56.0% versus 77.8% of tattooed p < 0.001), and tattooists were reportedly more attentive to hygiene rules (instrument sterilization 91.5% versus 79.1% of piercers, p < 0.001; use of disposable gloves 98.2% versus 71% of piercers, p < 0.001). Conclusions: educational interventions for both professionals and communities are needed to improve the awareness and the control of health risks related to body art throughout the Italian territory.

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