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Eyas K. Farran ◽  
Dania S. Waggas ◽  
Tala A. Alkhunani ◽  
Safwan A. Almuwallad ◽  
Rola A. Aljohani

Abstract Objective Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a degenerative disease of the central nervous system that can lead to lifelong disabilities. There is a significant increase in the global incidence of the disease. In Saudi Arabia (SA), the western region has the greatest number of MS cases. However, there is a lack of studies and research to assess public knowledge in the region. Thus, we aim to assess the public's knowledge of MS in Jeddah, SA. Methodology We conducted a cross-sectional study surveying 468 participants from the general population of Jeddah. A validated MS knowledge questionnaire (MSKQ-25) was used. Results Most participants were female 347 (74.1%) with a mean age of 35.73 ± 14.71 standard deviation (SD). MS was found in 14 (3%) of the participants. The average score of the (MSKQ) was 7.42 SD ± 4.568 versus the average score of people with MS with a mean of 13.92 SD ± 3.33 and a p value > 0.001. No significant variation was found in knowledge between gender and age groups, but there was a significant correlation between the educational level and the knowledge level. Conclusion The mean knowledge score was below average, which indicates poor knowledge of MS. Since the western region has the highest number of MS cases in SA, the level of understanding needs to increase. This can be improved by conducting educational programs using various types of media.

2021 ◽  
Vol 12 ◽  
Abdulkarim Alhossein

The evidenced-based practices (EBPs) movement in the field of special education began ~20 years ago. This study contributes to that literature. It investigates the teachers' knowledge and use of EBPs to teach students with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in Saudi Arabia. The Teachers' Knowledge and Use of EBPs Survey was administered to 240 special education teachers. The participants generally reported a medium level of knowledge and use of EBPs for students with ASD. Female teachers' use of EBPs was greater than that of males, and teachers who attended more than five professional development programs reported greater use of EBPs than those that attended fewer programs. Knowledge and use of EBPs were related. Gender and professional development programs were predictors of teachers' use of EBPs for students with ASD. Teachers' knowledge of EBPs for students with ASD is a vital indicator of teachers' use of those practices, professional development programs can improve such knowledge and use, and teachers' use of EBPs for students with ASD could be improved by offering high-quality professional development programs.

2021 ◽  
Vol 8 (3) ◽  
pp. 1045-1060
Munassir Alhamami ◽  
Abdullah Almelhi

Achieving science undergraduate programs learning outcomes relies on the students’ proficiency in the language of instruction, a challenge that many policymakers ignore. This study is to understand the influence of English as a medium of instruction (EMI) policy in four undergraduate science programs, namely, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Mathematics, in Saudi Arabia. The data were collected from the following groups of participants: 1461 science alumni records, 769 current undergraduate science students’ surveys, and 111 science university instructors’ surveys. The results of alumni records indicated that grades of the intensive English program in the first year predict the alumni cumulative grade point average (GPA) once they finish their four-year program. The results demonstrated that the higher is the alumni’s English proficiency, the better is their cumulative GPA. The results of the current science students’ questionnaire showed their preferred language of instruction could be predicted by their attitudes and society’s attitudes. Most of these students preferred to learn sciences in their native language (Arabic), which contradicted the policy of the current program. The instructors’ questionnaire results showed that instructors held divergent perspectives on the usage of EMI and students’ native language in the undergraduate science programs. To conclude, educationists and programs policymakers need to locate more attention and interventions toward the language of instruction. It is also recommended that universities provide science students with more English courses. Science students should also have English for science purposes courses to familiarize them with the science terms and prepare them to read science materials.

2021 ◽  
Vol 28 (1) ◽  
Marwa Abd El-fatah Ali El-slamoni ◽  
Hanem AbdElkhalek Ahmed ◽  
Azza Elsayed Abdelfatah Arafat

Abstract Background Over the last 10 years, social media has become an integral facet of modern society. Self-presentation and body satisfaction are related to social media and its impact on users’ levels of well-being and self-esteem. This study aimed to compare selfie-related concepts (self-esteem and body image) and behaviors (selfie habits and patterns, the motives for using the selfie, and attitude about selfie) between samples of Egyptians and Saudis student nurses. To attain this research aim, a comparative research design study was conducted between 7th of October and 5th of November 2020. This study was conducted in the two countries: Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) (College of Nursing, Taif University) and Egypt (Faculty of Nursing, Zagazig University). A sample of 300 students was included in two countries: KSA and Egypt. Socio-demographic data sheet, patterns of selfie use scale, self-confidence questionnaire (SCQ), and body image scale. Results Results revealed that the Egyptian students were higher in number of selfies per day than Saudi students and the majority of Saudi group like to put their selfies on Instagram. Conclusion The current study deduced that Egyptian students as regard selfie habits and patterns had a higher number of selfies per day than Saudi students, also the majority of the Saudi group as regard selfie habits like to put their selfies on Instagram with a statistically significant difference. As regards the motives for using the selfie, the reasons for taking selfies were significantly higher in Saudi nursing students than in Egyptian students regarding depression and sadness. As well, significantly higher in Egyptian than in Saudi nurse students was related to motivates that their selfies on social media often contain comments or answers, the relationship between the number of selfie-taking and gender was a statistically significant difference between the two genders in both Egyptian and Saudi groups with increasing taking selfie among Egyptian females and Saudi males.

2021 ◽  
Zainah D Alaryani ◽  
Aisha Alhofaian ◽  
Mona Elhady

Background: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and early defibrillation are the most common procedures performed by nurses as the first responders to cardiac arrest patients in the hospital setting. Therefore, nurses are demanded to have high skills for effective performance. Self-efficacy and knowledge are considered significant factors affecting early initiation of CPR and automated defibrillation. However, previous studies mostly focused on nursing students instead of frontline nurses. Objective: This research aimed to assess the relationship between nurses’ knowledge and self-efficacy regarding the early initiation of CPR and automated defibrillation of cardiac arrest patients.  Methods: The study employed a cross-sectional, descriptive, correlational survey. Using convenience sampling, two hundred eighty-seven nurses working in critical areas and inpatient and outpatient departments, King Abdulaziz University Hospital (KAUH), Saudi Arabia, were selected. Resuscitation Knowledge and Self-Efficacy Scales were used for data collection (using Google Form) from November 2020 to January 2021. Descriptive statistics and Pearson correlation were used for data analysis. Results: Overall, 61.3% of participants had moderate knowledge (13.659 ± 2.175), and 63.8% had high self-efficacy (44.627 ± 58.397). The highest domain of self-efficacy was responding and rescuing, while the lowest domain was debriefing and recording. There was a significant positive relationship between knowledge and self-efficacy (p <0.001; r = 0.207). Conclusion: The positive relationship explained a high level of self-efficacy if there was a high level of knowledge. Thus, it is recommended that nursing programs apply CPR and automated defibrillation curricula during nurses’ internships, clear policies and procedures about CPR and automated defibrillation, continual updates about CPR and automated defibrillation, and knowledge and continuance training (on-job-training) about CPR and automated defibrillation, which can enhance and improve knowledge and self-efficacy among health care workers, especially for nurses.  

Mohd Khaled Shambour ◽  
Adnan Gutub ◽  

Mobile Applications (apps) are one of the most important tools that provide many services in different and varied fields of human life such as social, health, commercial, political, and other services. These apps make information easily available to everyone, fast to get, and cheaper than traditional methods. The Hajj pilgrims and Umrah performances (Al-Rahman Holy guests) have a share of the electronic services provided by many governmental and private sectors inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The offered services ensure that these religious guests have the ability to gain useful knowledge before and during the period they are stayed in the land of the Two Holy Mosques. In this paper, we collected all possible apps related to Hajj and Umrah, from the Google Store, during the season of Hajj 1440 AH (2019 AD), which amounted to 471 apps through searching on relevant applications to Hajj and Umrah services. We studied the applications public info trying to gain personal privacy characteristics from user rating, number of evaluators, recent updates, volume of applications, languages, number of downloads, and specific services provided. The results showed that the largest percentage of the studied apps are the facilitations of the Hajj ritual with 18%, followed by 15.1% for Umrah ritual and 10.2% for prayer supplications. The results also indicated attractive 33 common languages used, showing English with most popularity of 27.4%, followed by Arabic and Urdu of 24.3% and 14.3%. In addition, the study specified the most desirable services favoured by the religious guests expressing interesting valuable remarks.

Abdullah S. Alayaaf ◽  
Hamad S. Alsaeed ◽  
Abdullah N. AlSamani ◽  
Emad A. Alfadhel ◽  
Maha M. Aldhilan ◽  

Background: Obesity is risingly becoming a health care problem. After ineffective tries to lose weight with lifestyle-based conservative methods, the most effective obesity treatment will become bariatric surgery. Objective of this study aimed to assess the awareness of the general public about indications and complications of sleeve gastrectomy in Al'Qassim region, Saudi Arabia.Methods: This was a cross-sectional study conducted among the general population living in Al'Qassim region, Saudi Arabia. A validated Arabic/English questionnaires were distributed among the targeted individual using an online platform. Questionnaires included demographic data, general knowledge about gastric sleeve and the knowledge toward the indication and complication of sleeve gastrectomy. All statistical analyses were performed using SPSS version 26.Results: Nearly all participants were aware of sleeve gastrectomy (99.1%). The prevalence of participants who knew the indications and complications of sleeve gastrectomy were 60.9% and 72.2%, respectively. Furthermore, approximately three quarters (70.3%) were confident that the most common indication of the gastric sleeve was an adult with BMI >40 kg/m2. Statistical tests revealed that the knowledge toward the indication and complication of sleeve gastrectomy were more common among those who have heard about BMI and those who knew the BMI range of obese person (p<0.05).Conclusions: Although, general population awareness toward the indication and complication of sleeve gastrectomy was moderate, however, their knowledge about the BMI seems to be lacking. Having better knowledge about BMI likely influenced their awareness of the indications and complications of gastric sleeve.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (4) ◽  
pp. 1-5
Mohamad Ahmad Saleem Khasawneh

The study aimed to reveal the level of work stress among secondary school English language teachers in government schools affiliated with the education directorates in Abha, Saudi Arabia, and knowing the impact of both gender, and experience on their estimates. The study population consisted of (105) male and female teachers. A questionnaire was prepared to measure the level of work stress among teachers, and it consisted of (31) items. The results showed that the work pressures facing secondary school English language teachers were at a high level on the dimensions as a whole. The results also showed that there were no statistically significant differences due to the variable of gender and teaching experience.

Axioms ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 10 (3) ◽  
pp. 228
Mdi Begum Jeelani ◽  
Abeer S. Alnahdi ◽  
Mohammed S. Abdo ◽  
Mansour A. Abdulwasaa ◽  
Kamal Shah ◽  

This manuscript is devoted to investigating a fractional-order mathematical model of COVID-19. The corresponding derivative is taken in Caputo sense with power-law of fractional order μ and fractal dimension χ. We give some detailed analysis on the existence and uniqueness of the solution to the proposed problem. Furthermore, some results regarding basic reproduction number and stability are given. For the proposed theoretical analysis, we use fixed point theory while for numerical analysis fractional Adams–Bashforth iterative techniques are utilized. Using our numerical scheme is verified by using some real values of the parameters to plot the approximate solution to the considered model. Graphical presentations corresponding to different values of fractional order and fractal dimensions are given. Moreover, we provide some information regarding the real data of Saudi Arabia from 1 March 2020 till 22 April 2021, then calculated the fatality rates by utilizing the SPSS, Eviews and Expert Modeler procedure. We also built forecasts of infection for the period 23 April 2021 to 30 May 2021, with 95% confidence.

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