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2022 ◽  
Vol 9 (1) ◽  
pp. 30-44
Ida Yulianawati ◽  
Mursid Saleh ◽  
Januarius Mujiyanto ◽  
Djoko Sutopo

Identifying appropriate writing techniques to help students with different self-esteem improve their writing ability needs to be considered by educators. This study attempted to examine the effectiveness of two writing techniques, Reflective Learning Portfolio (RLP) and Dialogue Journal Writing (DJW) in improving the writing ability of undergraduate students with different self-esteem. A quasi-experimental design was employed in this study. The participants of the study were 62 undergraduate students from a private university in West Java, Indonesia, which were divided into two groups that received different treatments, RLP and DJW techniques. A set of questionnaires to measure students’ self-esteem and writing tests were utilized to collect the data. Data from questionnaires were analyzed by using Likert Scales. Data from pre-test and post-test, to know the effectiveness of RLP and DJW was administered by using a paired t-test. The finding revealed that the writing performance in RLP class was significantly better than in DJW class. In other words, RLP is more effective in teaching writing to students with different self-esteem. The use of explicit teaching, peer feedback, and teacher feedback in RLP class could have caused the RLP technique to be more effective in improving the students’ writing ability compared to the DJW technique. 


Writing is one of the four language skills that the learners should master. The 2013 curriculum also says that one of the English language competencies specified in high school level is that students must be able to compose short written texts using coherent text structures and linguistic elements fluently and accurately. In line with that this study aims to find out whether the marking system feedback can improve students' writing skill. This is a two-cycle classroom action research at SMA Negeri 1 Sewon. The subjects were 26 tenth grade students of class X MIPA 1. The data were collected from observation, written documents, writing scores, and questionnaire. The study results showed that by applying the marking system feedback, students' writing skills improved. The mean scores of the students' writing ability in the pre-cycle was 63.65 at the poor category, the first cycle was 73.65 at the fair category, and the second cycle was 81.35 at the good category. In addition, students tend to give positive responses to the implementation of the marking system feedback. As many as 88.46% think that the feedback is useful in writing activities and can help them in correcting their mistakes, 73.08% think that the technique makes them understand the grammar better, and 80.77% say this technique leads them to be more careful in their writing and also motivates them to improve their composition.

2022 ◽  
Vol 3 (1) ◽  
Gabby Maureen Pricilia ◽  
Habib Rahmansyah

This study aim to determine the effect of using local wisdom based learning model on students’ writing narrative text ability at the fourth semester students of English Education Program in Institut Pendidikan Tapanuli Selatan. The research type is quantitative with experimental method. The researcher collected the data by using composition writing test. The sample was taken by using total sampling technique, it was 25 students. The data were then analyzed by using descriptive and inferential analysis, it was t-test formula by Arikunto. The results of the research are the mean score of students’ writing ability before using local wisdom based learning model was 53.54 which categorized bad, then after using local wisdom based learning model was 82.50 which categorized good. The hypothesis testing showed that t-test was higher than t-table, it means that the hypothesis is accepted. The finding of research reveals that there is a significant effect of local wisdom based learning model on students’ writing narrative text ability at the fourth semester students of English Education Program in Institut Pendidikan Tapanuli Selatan.

2022 ◽  
Vol 1 (3) ◽  
pp. 176-190
Nur Amalia Solikhah ◽  
Ratna Arum Sari

The objectives of the research are to know and describe the average score of students’ narrative writing ability, and to know and describe whether there is an influence of Summarizing Short Stories towards students’ narrative writing ability at SMP Negeri 8 Bandar Lampung in 2020/2021. Most of the students get difficulties in improving their language skills, especially in writing. Writing is a problem in expressing and developing ideas or thoughts into written form. Narrative text is one of kinds of text that should be learned by the students. To solve the problem above, the writer used the technique in teaching narrative writing that is Summarizing Short Stories. In this research, the writer chooses the title: “The Influence of Summarizing Short Stories towards Students’ Narrative Writing Ability at the Second Semester of the Eighth Class at SMP Negeri 8 Bandar Lampung in 2020/2021”. In this reseach, the writer analyzed the result by using t-test formula. The research was conducted at the eighth class of SMP Negeri 8 Bandar Lampung in 2020/2021. The students of VIIIa were as a sample that were taught by using Summarizing Short Stories. The result of the research showed that there was significant influence of using Summarizing Short Stories towards students’ narrative writing ability. It is shown by the distribution list with df = (n1 + n2 – 2) = (23 + 22 – 2) = 43 obtained ttable t0.95 or significance level of 5% and ttable t0.99 or significance level of 1% was equal to 1.68 and 2.42. there were lower than tcount = 3.84 and the average score of students’ narrative writing ability in experimental class ( =66.58) was higher than the students’ score in control class (: 56.14) at the second semester of the eighth class of SMP Negeri 8 Bandar Lampung in 2020/2021.

Educatio ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 16 (2) ◽  
pp. 156-161
Rudini Rudini ◽  
Hanofi Harianto ◽  
Ridwan Ridwan ◽  
Zulfa Azizaturrohmi ◽  

The research aimed at finding out the use of a diary in improving the writing ability of the English students of Hamzanwadi University. The problems formulated in this research were (1) Is the use of diary effective in teaching writing for the English students of Hamzanwadi University? (2) How effective is using a diary in teaching writing for the English students of Hamzanwadi University? The research design of this study was one group pretest and posttest. The population of this research was the second-semester students of Hamzanwadi University, which consisted of 105 students in 4 classes. The present researcher took class D as the sample that consisted of 20 students. The present researcher generated a simple random sampling by obtaining an exhaustive list of a population and then randomly selecting a certain number of individuals to comprise the sample. A pretest and a posttest were given to the students to collect the data. The result of the data analysis indicated that the mean score of the pretest was 34.86 while in the posttest was 48.00. In testing the hypothesis, the result of the t-test was -9.706. The null hypothesis was rejected, and the alternative hypothesis was accepted. So, it can be said that using a diary was significantly effective in teaching writing.

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (6) ◽  
Qian Zhou

"English Curriculum Standards for Senior High School (2017)" puts forward higher requirements for the writing ability of students: students can use the language knowledge and cultural knowledge they have learned to create new texts according to different purposes and audiences. Writing is a difficult point. However, the current domestic English writing teaching effect is not satisfactory. English writing teaching has not been paid enough attention, and students lack the initiative to learn English writing. Scaffolding theory encourages teachers to follow the "student-centered" classroom teaching model and build scaffolds based on the students' recent development areas, so as to promote students' knowledge construction and meaningful learning, stimulate students' interest in English learning, and improve their English writing level. This article analyzes the teaching of English writing from the perspective of scaffolding theory. First, it introduces the research background, expounds "Zone of Proximal Development" and scaffolding theory, and discusses in detail the five steps of scaffolding theory applied in high school English writing classrooms. Finally, three teaching inspirations and suggestions are provided in order to improve the teaching effect of high school English writing.

2021 ◽  
Vol 3 (2) ◽  
pp. 1-15
Norani Yanuar Subandi ◽  
Hablil Warid ◽  

The aim of this research were to describe the implementation of Using G - Suite Docs to Improve Students’ Writing Ability at SMA Negeri 1 Batuan, Sumenep and to find out  the achievement of student’s writing ability in Using G - Suite at SMA Negeri 1 Batuan, Sumenep. The approach used in this research was classroom action research. Data collection tools in this study were observation sheets of learning management through G-Suite Docs media, student activity observation sheets and tests. The objects of this study were 25 students of class XII IPA 1 SMA Negeri 1 Batuan even semester of the 2020/2021 school year. The research showed that the result of implementing of using G-Suite Docs showed that the students were more enthusiastic in writing discussion text and all students could respond to their group work by commenting on the process in writing. Moreover, the students achievement from the initial conditions up to second cycle. The average of initial condition was 66.6 changed to be 79.64 or increased 80% with the result of completeness reaching 92%.   Keywords: G - Suite Docs, Writing ability, Discussion Text

2021 ◽  
Vol 2 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-6
Wenzhe Kang ◽  
Ruiyi Zhang

Writing ability is a comprehensive evaluation of language learning level. Nowadays, most universities offer writing-related courses to help students lay a good foundation for writing and contribute to their subsequent studies. Compared with native English speakers, second language learners need to do more revision, which is a great challenge for second language learners. Therefore, in this paper, the aim is to make the second language students understand and apply the revision correctly.    

Gang Xu ◽  

Sports practitioners and learners who are good at English can better serve large-scale international sports events, and at the same time can better carry forward the traditional Chinese national sports spirit and promote cultural exchanges. In this paper, literature review, mathematical analysis and questionnaire surveys are applied to study self-assessment of proficiency of college PES in the four English micro skills. Results show that college PES had lower English scores in the college entrance examination, the four English micro skills at the high school stage are poor, the English proficiency of different grades of college PES is not comparable, and the English writing ability of college PES of higher grades is slightly better than that of lower grades, and both grades have not enough time to learn English. Moreover, it acquired some promotion strategies to improve present situation that provided evidence for better learning four English micro skills.

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