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2021 ◽  
Vol 39 (28_suppl) ◽  
pp. 192-192
Desiree Rachel Azizoddin ◽  
Mieke A. Soens ◽  
Meghan Beck ◽  
Kelsey Mikayla Flowers ◽  
Robert R. Edwards ◽  

192 Background: Sleep disturbance negatively impacts quality of life and recovery. Our objective was to evaluate the relationship between individual patient factors (demographic, surgical, pain, opioid use, and psychosocial factors) and greater sleep disturbance. Methods: In this prospective longitudinal study, patients completed validated measures regarding their sleep disturbance, pain, opioid use, and psychological symptoms preoperatively and then 2 weeks, 6 and 12 months postoperatively. Objective pain sensitivity measures were evaluated at baseline using quantitative sensory testing. Univariable and multivariable generalized estimating equations (GEE) evaluated demographic, surgical, pain, and psychological predictors of sleep disturbance during the first year after surgery for breast cancer. Results: Female patients (n = 259) reported varying degrees of sleep disturbance, which were longitudinally associated with pain, psychosocial factors such as anxiety, depression, and affect. While the mean degree of sleep disturbance did not change substantially over time, the link to pain severity appeared to strengthen over the first postoperative year. Independent preoperative predictors of worse sleep disturbance on multivariable longitudinal GEE included younger age (B = -.09, p =.006), opioid use (B = 3.09, p =.02), higher pain (B =.19, p = <.001) and anxiety (B =.45, p = <.001) at baseline. On the other hand, higher basline positive affect (B = -.14, p = <.012) and the surgical category total mastectomy without reconstruction (B = -2.81, p = <.006) were indepently associated with lower sleep disturbance. Those with worse baseline sleep required more opioid analgesics during surgical recovery, and continued use of opioids at 2 weeks post-surgery was associated with disturbed sleep. Conclusions: Sleep disturbance in the first year following surgery for breast cancer varied substantially between individuals. Certain demographic, psychosocial, and pain factors explained more of this variance than surgical procedure, with the exception of total mastectomy without reconstruction that was associated with lower sleep disturbance. Sleep disturbance was associated with increased need for opioids in the perioperative period, and a propensity for more prolonged postoperative opioid use. Pre-surgical interventions in high risk individuals such as anxiety management, boosting positive affect, and controlling pain that have been shown to improve sleep quality could enhance postoperative recovery and decrease opioid use following breast surgery.

Sarala Thulasi Palpanadan ◽  
Iqbal Ahmad ◽  
Tamil Selvan A/L Subramaniam

Speaking skill pedagogy has always remained a huge enigma for English as a Second Language (ESL) educators. Despite the challenges, the need to master the skills prevail in academia. The undergraduates especially those from the technical division seem to grapple with the ability to perform well in their studies and market their products upon employment due to the inability to communicate well in English. Nowadays, there are numerous platforms available for ESL learners to improve their speaking proficiency. Thus, this paper intended to study the effectiveness of using Skype as an online platform to help students enhance their confidence in speaking in English. 100 reflective journals of first year undergraduates who enrolled in an English course were collected. Meanwhile, 10 undergraduates were randomly selected to participate in the semi-structured interview. All the participants’ reflections and views were analyzed and thematized using Transana software. Four main themes emerged: account possession; familiarity; challenges; and features. It was found that many participants were aware of Skype but did not have the account prior to the study. Majority of the participants admitted that Skype activities helped them to converse better which enhanced their motivation to speak in English more confidently and fluently.

Mikyung Jun ◽  
Songyi Lee ◽  
Taeeun Shim

The purpose of this study is to examine the first-year students’ experience in college during the COVID-19 pandemic to provide a better understanding of their daily life. Using inductive content analysis, this study examined the characteristics and experiences of students who started college during the COVID-19 period in South Korea. We analyzed 623 pieces of content, using data presented by a total of 81 study subjects. From this analysis, we derived 22 primary keywords, which we divided into eight categories, and then reclassified into three general topics: self-awareness (i.e., self-reflection), activities (i.e., engagement in activities), and resources (i.e., creating relationships or producing results). The results showed that, although first-year college students experienced difficulties in adapting to the COVID-19 situation, they tried to cope with them. Our findings shed light on the experiences of college students who experienced psychological problems during the COVID-19 pandemic and overcame related challenges.

2021 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
Kate M. Miller ◽  
Prue H. Hart ◽  
Robyn M. Lucas ◽  
Elizabeth A. Davis ◽  
Nicholas H. de Klerk

AbstractPopulation-level ecological studies show type 1 diabetes incidence is inversely correlated with ambient ultraviolet radiation (UVR) levels. We conducted a nested case–control study using administrative datasets to test this association at the individual level. Cases (n = 1819) were children born in Western Australia (WA) from 1980–2014, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at ≤ 16 years. Controls (n = 27,259) were randomly selected from all live births in WA, matched to cases by sex and date of birth. Total ambient erythemal ultraviolet radiation (UVR) doses for each trimester of pregnancy and first year of life were estimated for each individual, using daily NASA satellite data that were date- and geographically-specific. Conditional logistic regression tested the association between UVR dose and case–control status. Type 1 diabetes risk was 42% lower in boys of mothers with third-trimester UVR dose in the highest (compared to the lowest) quartile (p = 0.04). Higher UVR in the first year of life was associated with lower type 1 diabetes risk among boys (p = 0.01). UVR dose was not associated with type 1 diabetes risk in girls. Higher UVR in late pregnancy and early life appear to interact with sex-specific factors to lower type 1 diabetes risk among boys in Western Australia.

2021 ◽  
pp. 1-14
Rosie Brain ◽  
Lydia Ezekiel ◽  
Arian Mansur ◽  
Nia Marshall ◽  
Namwila Mulwanda ◽  

Aziatul Niza Binti Sadikin ◽  
Azizul Azri Bin Mustaffa ◽  
Hasrinah Binti Hasbullah ◽  
Zaki Yamani Bin Zakaria ◽  
Mohd Kamaruddin Bin Abd Hamid ◽  

The Introduction to Engineering (ITE) and Industrial Seminar and Profession (ISP) courses conducted at School of Chemical and Energy Engineering, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, are integrated courses which implement the Cooperative Problem-based Learning (CPBL) methods in the same semester. Based on this integrated courses, the main aim of this paper is to investigate the qualitative impact of spreadsheet hands-on seminar on the first year students' digital skill. At the beginning of the semester, students are given sustainability-based project to work on, which requires them to collect and to report the data in a series of presentations and written reports. In order to present those data, they need to use analysis tools such as a spreadsheet software. The students are introduced with some in-depth applications of the Microsoft Excel software through the seminar sessions in the ISP course. With the knowledge that the students gain, they are expected to implement it in the CPBL project. A qualitative approach has been adopted to implement the study. Student’s reflections were used as the data source to identify common attributes that they have managed to gain from seminar sessions. This study has found that all students had primarily learned about digital skills. They perceived hand-on activity during the seminar as a good platform to acquire knowledge on basic calculation and developed learning skill on Excel. Moreover, students recognized the skills they are learning will be useful in other courses and future careers.

2021 ◽  
Vol 11 (4) ◽  
pp. 7
Ruixuan Ji ◽  
Xiaoyao Yue ◽  
Xu Zheng

Many research indicated that more and more students choose to drop out of mathematics-related subjects during university study, especially in the western context. Besides the difficulty of mathematics content, first-year university students also face issues of the transition period. Identifying the impact of first-year university students&#39; belief factors on their persistence in mathematics study needed further research. This study served as a pilot study; it structured the framework of first-year university students&rsquo; mathematics-related beliefs in relation to students&rsquo; persistence on the further mathematics study. A two-stage approach of using PLS-SEM to assessing the conceptual framework was introduced in detail. The relationships of dimensions of students&rsquo; epistemological beliefs about mathematics, self-efficacy, self-regulated learning strategies and perceptions about learning environment were assessed. This study provides the feasibility for future follow-up studies to examine mathematics-related beliefs and intentions to continue learning among university students on a larger scale.

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