networked control systems
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2022 ◽  
Vol 6 (1) ◽  
pp. 1-29
Matteo Trobinger ◽  
Gabriel de Albuquerque Gleizer ◽  
Timofei Istomin ◽  
Manuel Mazo ◽  
Amy L. Murphy ◽  

Event-triggered control ( ETC ) holds the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of wireless networked control systems. Unfortunately, its real-world impact has hitherto been hampered by the lack of a network stack able to transfer its benefits from theory to practice specifically by supporting the latency and reliability requirements of the aperiodic communication ETC induces. This is precisely the contribution of this article. Our Wireless Control Bus ( WCB ) exploits carefully orchestrated network-wide floods of concurrent transmissions to minimize overhead during quiescent, steady-state periods, and ensures timely and reliable collection of sensor readings and dissemination of actuation commands when an ETC triggering condition is violated. Using a cyber-physical testbed emulating a water distribution system controlled over a real-world multi-hop wireless network, we show that ETC over WCB achieves the same quality of periodic control at a fraction of the energy costs, therefore unleashing and concretely demonstrating its full potential for the first time.

Pan Zhang ◽  

Based on the rolling horizon optimization strategy, the networked robust predictive control with medium access constraints and packet loss is studied. Firstly, considering the influence of network factors such as medium access constraints and packet loss, Markov jump rule and Bernoulli independent and identically distributed process are used to transform the network problem into the robust problem of networked control system. According to the established Markov jump system model and stability analysis, a robust predictive controller for networked control systems is designed by using linear matrix inequality (LMI) method, which makes the system asymptotically stable. Finally, a numerical example is given to verify the effectiveness of the proposed control method.Networked control system; medium access constraints; packet loss; robust predictive controller.

2021 ◽  
Peng Wu ◽  
Chenchen Fu ◽  
Tianyu Wang ◽  
Minming Li ◽  
Yingchao Zhao ◽  

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