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2021 ◽  
Marcin Cholewa ◽  
Farid Mammadov ◽  
Agnieszka Nowaczek

AbstractThe aims of the paper are to identify and assess the determinants of transition to renewable and sustainable energy development in Azerbaijan and Poland. Both countries have a clear target to increase the share of renewable energy sources (RES) in the gross final energy consumption, i.e. Poland in the National Energy and Climate Plan for the years 2021–2030 declares that it wishes to achieve 21–23% by 2030 (total consumption in electricity, heating and cooling as well as for transport purposes). But there are currently significant producers and consumers of conventional energy carriers, respectively coal and oil, and these fuels ensure an appropriate level of energy security and production stability. Moreover, in Poland, the mining sector plays a very important social role, whereas the oil industry in Azerbaijan creates significant budget revenue. Therefore, even with stronger EU and worldwide climate policy and a decreasing cost of cleaner forms of energy, there are many challenges and obstacles for such countries in increasing energy from RES associated with energy security, efficiency, existing infrastructure, competitiveness and social aspects. In order to identify best practices for the transition to decarbonisation, the availability of energy resources, energy market structures, national strategies and policies were compared using PESTEL analysis.

2021 ◽  
Vol 48 ◽  
pp. 101566
Hasan Eroğlu ◽  
Erdem Cuce ◽  
Pinar Mert Cuce ◽  
Fatih Gul ◽  
Abdulkerim Iskenderoğlu

2021 ◽  
Vol 896 (1) ◽  
pp. 012008
V Yadwad ◽  
S R Bharamnaikar ◽  
U Bhushi

Abstract Power generation and consumption globally has always been on the top agenda for any country since it contributes to the basic needs of human beings. In the race of bridging the supply and demand gap, human beings created side effects in the name of environmental pollution. The alternate source of energy is renewable energy, and many nations are committed to adopting these new forms of energy generation; these still contribute lesser than one-fourth of global energy consumption and power generation. This study aims to focus on knowledge integration for the performance of the renewable business segment. It creates a more practical alternative against other forms of energy generations like Thermal, natural gas-based. There are areas like a waste of energy as an example where it is still a lesser-known world. Many measurement techniques are still explored, which suggests Knowledge plays a vital role in the Business Performance of Renewable and Sustainable energy and in implementing Global Climate Control Strategies. The study results indicate the energy sector’s transformation into the renewable energy sector, highlighting innovations, knowledge integration, effect on performance, and role of management & government.

2021 ◽  
Vol 150 ◽  
pp. 111506
Kelvin O. Yoro ◽  
Michael O. Daramola ◽  
Patrick T. Sekoai ◽  
Uwemedimo N. Wilson ◽  
Orevaoghene Eterigho-Ikelegbe

2021 ◽  
Vol 9 (209) ◽  
pp. 1-24
Patricia Vianna dos Santos

The present work aims to exemplify a renewable and sustainable energy source as such the energy from sunlight to drive mobile coverage as a clean source of energy that does not cause damage to the environment, taking advantage of solar energy as a source of heat and light being one of the most propitious and reliable energies in the world. With the installation of solar panels at the roof top of houses, industries and plantations, the energy captured by the photovoltaic solar panel is sent to the load controller that powers the battery and the frequency inverter energizes the motor , allowing the activation of the cover with the objective of bringing greater comfort and satisfaction of our final client, people who want to have comfort in relation to their roofs, taking advantage of more than nature has to offer us, not only in homes but also in areas of leisure and entertainment, sheds, plantations and many other places that needs a roof, with the purpose of taking advantage of the sunlight, also saving the electric energy by making people aware of a more sustainable and renewable country. It is worth mentioning that in case of rain-sensitive plantations with the mobile cover, it will not be necessary to move to totally enclosed sheds, but in sheds using a structure such as that of the moving roof

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