Asynchronously bounded filtering for discrete-time switched positive systems

2022 ◽  
Vol 44 ◽  
pp. 101121
Shuang Shi ◽  
Zhongyang Fei ◽  
Ming-Zhe Dai
2010 ◽  
Vol 21 (10) ◽  
pp. 1093-1111 ◽  
Esteban Hernandez-Vargas ◽  
Patrizio Colaneri ◽  
Richard Middleton ◽  
Franco Blanchini

Yanzi Lin ◽  
Ping Zhao

Abstract In this paper, the global asymptotic stability (GAS) of continuous-time and discrete-time nonlinear impulsive switched positive systems (NISPS) are studied. For continuous-time and discrete-time NISPS, switching signals and impulse signals coexist. For both of these systems, using the multiple max-separable Lyapunov function method and average dwell-time (ADT) method, some sufficient conditions on GAS are given. Based on these, the GAS criteria are also given for continuous-time and discrete-time linear impulsive switched positive systems (LISPS). From our criteria, the stability of the systems can be judged directly from the characteristics of the system functions, switching signals and impulse signals of the systems. Finally, simulation examples verify the validity of the results.

2011 ◽  
Vol 48-49 ◽  
pp. 1093-1096
Xiu Yong Ding ◽  
Lan Shu ◽  
Chang Cheng Xiang ◽  
Xiu Liu

This brief investigates the stability problem of discrete-time switched positive systems with delays, and establishes some necessary and sufficient conditions for the existence of a switched copositive Lyapunov function(SCLF) for such systems. It turns out that the size of the delays does not affect the stability of these systems. In other words, system stability is completely determined by the system matrices.

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