functionalized graphene oxide
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Polymers ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 14 (2) ◽  
pp. 338
Anton Mostovoy ◽  
Andrey Shcherbakov ◽  
Andrey Yakovlev ◽  
Sergey Arzamastsev ◽  
Marina Lopukhova

The possibility of using graphene oxide as a modifying additive for polymer fiber-reinforced composites based on epoxy resin and basalt roving has been studied. The content of graphene oxide in the system has been experimentally selected, which has the best effect on the physico-mechanical properties of the obtained polymer composite material. The efficiency of the modification of the graphene oxide surface with APTES finishing additives and aminoacetic acid, which provides chemical interaction at the polymer matrix–filler interface, has been considered. The influence of graphene oxide and functionalizing additives on the polymer curing process was investigated using the thermometric method and differential scanning calorimetry.

2022 ◽  
Qi Chen ◽  
Chengchuan Che ◽  
Jinfeng Liu ◽  
Zhijin Gong ◽  
Meiru Si ◽  

Abstract Graphene oxide has covalently modified by chito oligosaccharides and γ-polyglutamic acid to form GO-CO-γ-PGA, which exhibits excellent performance as a drug delivery carrier, but this carrier did not have the ability to actively target. In this study, the targeting property of breast cancer tumor cell exosomes was exploited to give GO-CO-γ-PGA the ability to target breast tumor cells (MDA-MB-231), and the drug mitoxantrone (MIT) was loaded to finally form EXO-GO-CO-γ-PGA-MIT with a loading capacity of 1.39 mg/mg. The pH response of EXO-GO-CO-γ-PGA showed a maximum cumulative release rate of 56.59% (pH 5.0) and 6.73% (pH 7.4) for MIT at different pH conditions. pH 7.4). In vitro cellular assays showed that EXO-GO-CO-γ-PGA-MIT was more potent in killing MDA-MB-231 cells due to its targeting ability and had a significantly higher pro-apoptotic capacity compared to GO-CO-γ-PGA-MIT. The results showed that this bionic nano-intelligent drug delivery system has good drug slow release function, can increase the local drug concentration of tumor and enhance the pro-apoptotic ability of MIT, so this newly synthesized bionic drug delivery carriers (EXO-GO-CO-γ-PGA-MIT) has potential application in breast cancer treatment.

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