differential evolution
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2022 ◽  
Vol 134 ◽  
pp. 104107
Eslam Mohammed Abdelkader ◽  
Osama Moselhi ◽  
Mohamed Marzouk ◽  
Tarek Zayed

2022 ◽  
Vol 2022 ◽  
pp. 1-13
Jhansi Rani Kaka ◽  
K. Satya Prasad

Early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s helps a doctor to decide the treatment for the patient based on the stages. The existing methods involve applying the deep learning methods for Alzheimer’s classification and have the limitations of overfitting problems. Some researchers were involved in applying the feature selection based on the optimization method, having limitations of easily trapping into local optima and poor convergence. In this research, Differential Evolution-Multiclass Support Vector Machine (DE-MSVM) is proposed to increase the performance of Alzheimer’s classification. The image normalization method is applied to enhance the quality of the image and represent the features effectively. The AlexNet model is applied to the normalized images to extract the features and also applied for feature selection. The Differential Evolution method applies Pareto Optimal Front for nondominated feature selection. This helps to select the feature that represents the characteristics of the input images. The selected features are applied in the MSVM method to represent in high dimension and classify Alzheimer’s. The DE-MSVM method has accuracy of 98.13% in the axial slice, and the existing whale optimization with MSVM has 95.23% accuracy.

Roman Senkerik ◽  
Michal Pluhacek ◽  
Zuzana Kominkova Oplatkova

This research deals with the initial investigations on the concept of a chaos-driven evolutionary algorithm Differential evolution. This paper is aimed at the embedding of simple two-dimensional chaotic system, which is Lozi map, in the form of chaos pseudo random number generator for Differential Evolution. The chaotic system of interest is the discrete dissipative system. Repeated simulations were performed on standard benchmark Schwefel’s test function in higher dimensions. Finally, the obtained results are compared with canonical Differential Evolution.

Karn Moonsri ◽  
Kanchana Sethanan ◽  
Kongkidakhon Worasan

Outbound logistics is a crucial field of logistics management. This study considers a planning distribution for the poultry industry in Thailand. The goal of the study is to minimize the transportation cost for the multi-depot vehicle-routing problem (MDVRP). A novel enhanced differential evolution algorithm (RI-DE) is developed based on a new re-initialization mutation formula and a local search function. A mixed-integer programming formulation is presented in order to measure the performance of a heuristic with GA, PSO, and DE for small-sized instances. For large-sized instances, RI-DE is compared to the traditional DE algorithm for solving the MDVRP using published benchmark instances. The results demonstrate that RI-DE obtained a near-optimal solution of 99.03% and outperformed the traditional DE algorithm with a 2.53% relative improvement, not only in terms of solution performance, but also in terms of computational time.

Hongliang Zhang ◽  
Tong Liu ◽  
Xiaojia Ye ◽  
Ali Asghar Heidari ◽  
Guoxi Liang ◽  

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