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2022 ◽  
Vol 151 ◽  
pp. 106907
Jingmin Dang ◽  
Junhe Zhang ◽  
Zhaojia Piao ◽  
Chuantao Zheng ◽  
Yiding Wang ◽  
Gas Cell ◽  
New Type ◽  

Structures ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 37 ◽  
pp. 109-124
Dawei Sun ◽  
Changyong Liu ◽  
Yuyin Wang ◽  
Qilong Xia ◽  
Faqi Liu

Thanh Cong Truong ◽  
Jan Plucar ◽  
Bao Quoc Diep ◽  
Ivan Zelinka

<p>Recent years have witnessed a dramatic growth in utilizing computational intelligence techniques for various domains. Coherently, malicious actors are expected to utilize these techniques against current security solutions. Despite the importance of these new potential threats, there remains a paucity of evidence on leveraging these research literature techniques. This article investigates the possibility of combining artificial neural networks and swarm intelligence to generate a new type of malware. We successfully created a proof of concept malware named X-ware, which we tested against the Windows-based systems. Developing this proof of concept may allow us to identify this potential threat’s characteristics for developing mitigation methods in the future. Furthermore, a method for recording the virus’s behavior and propagation throughout a file system is presented. The proposed virus prototype acts as a swarm system with a neural network-integrated for operations. The virus’s behavioral data is recorded and shown under a complex network format to describe the behavior and communication of the swarm. This paper has demonstrated that malware strengthened with computational intelligence is a credible threat. We envisage that our study can be utilized to assist current and future security researchers to help in implementing more effective countermeasures</p>

Dong Ho Shin ◽  
Sunuk Kim ◽  
Sarng Woo Karng ◽  
Youhwan Shin

Chemosphere ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 288 ◽  
pp. 132415
Alix Pierron ◽  
Manon Neves ◽  
Sylvie Puel ◽  
Yannick Lippi ◽  
Laura Soler ◽  

saied Johnny ◽  
Buthainah A. A. Ahmed

The aim of this paper is to study new results of an approximate orthogonality of Birkhoff-James techniques in real Banach space , namely Chiemelinski orthogonality (even there is no ambiguity between the concepts symbolized by orthogonality) and provide some new geometric characterizations which is considered as the basis of our main definitions. Also, we explore relation between two different types of orthogonalities. First of them orthogonality in a real Banach space and the other orthogonality in the space of bounded linear operator . We obtain a complete characterizations of these two orthogonalities in some types of Banach spaces such as strictly convex space, smooth space and reflexive space. The study is designed to give different results about the concept symmetry of Chmielinski-orthogonality for a compact linear operator on a reflexive, strictly convex Banach space having Kadets-Klee property by exploring a new type of a generalized some results with Birkhoff James orthogonality in the space of bounded linear operators. We also exhibit a smooth compact linear operator with a spectral value that is defined on a reflexive, strictly convex Banach space having Kadets-Klee property either having zero nullity or not -right-symmetric.

2022 ◽  
Vol ahead-of-print (ahead-of-print) ◽  
Chunxiao Zhang ◽  
Xinwang Li ◽  
Xiaona Liu ◽  
Qiang Li ◽  
Yizhou Bai

PurposeThe purpose of this paper is to focus on an optimizing maintenance policy with repair limit time for a new type of aircraft component, in which the lifetime is assumed to be an uncertain variable due to no historical operation data, and the repair time is a random variable that can be described by the experimental data.Design/methodology/approachTo describe this repair limit time policy over an infinite time horizon, an extended uncertain random renewal reward theorem is firstly proposed based on chance theory, involves uncertain random interarrival times and stochastic rewards. Accordingly, the uncertain random programming model, which minimized the expected maintenance cost rate, is formulated to find the optimal repair limit time.FindingsA numerical example with sensitivity analysis is provided to illustrate the utility of the proposed policy. It provides a useful reference and guidance for aircraft optimization. For maintainers, it plays an important guiding role in engineering practice.Originality/valueThe proposed uncertain random renewal reward process proved useful for the optimization of maintenance strategy with maintenance limited time for a new type of aircraft components, which provides scientific support for aircraft maintenance decision-making for civil aviation enterprises.

2022 ◽  
Ru Chen ◽  
Yao Sun ◽  
Guoqi Sima

Review question / Objective: What is the effect of intralymphatic, subcutaneous and sublingual immunotherapy for pollen-induced allergic rhinitis. Condition being studied: Immunotherapy is the classic treatment for allergic rhinitis. Intralymphatic immunotherapy is a new type of treatment. Currently, no studies have compared subcutaneous, sublingual and intralymphatic sublingual immunotherapy. At present, there is no review to compare the efficacy of intralymphatic, subcutaneous and sublingual immunotherapy for pollen-induced allergic rhinitis.

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