nonlinear vibration
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2022 ◽  
Vol 124 ◽  
pp. 107621
Yue Yu ◽  
Wenyao Zhou ◽  
Zhengdi Zhang ◽  
Qinsheng Bi

2022 ◽  
Vol 165 ◽  
pp. 108338
Xianfei Yan ◽  
Dongxu Du ◽  
Honghao Liu ◽  
Kunpeng Xu ◽  
Wei Sun

Nikola Nešić ◽  
Milan Cajić ◽  
Danilo Karličić ◽  
Aleksandar Obradović ◽  
Julijana Simonović

2022 ◽  
pp. 107754632110514
Sivakumar Solaiachari ◽  
Jayakumar Lakshmipathy

In this study, a new type of vibration isolator based on fluidic actuators and a composite slab was tested experimentally with an unbalanced disturbance. Quasi-zero stiffness vibration isolation techniques are advanced and provide effective isolation performance for non-nominal loads. The isolation performance of the proposed isolator was compared to that of a nonlinear vibration isolator equipped with fluidic actuators and a mechanical coil spring (NLVIFA). The NLVIFA system is better suited to non-nominal loads; however, the mechanical spring axial deflection leads to limited amplitude reduction in the system. To address this issue, a cross buckled slab was developed to replace a mechanical coil spring for absorbing vertical deflection by transverse bending, which is made of a specially developed composite material of Basalt fiber reinforced with epoxy resin and enhanced with graphene nano pellets. This current study was concerned with the theoretical analysis and experimental investigations of the proposed nonlinear vibration isolator with fluidic actuators and composite material (NLVIFA-CM), which performs under quasi-zero stiffness characteristics. Because of its reduced axial deflection, the theoretical and experimental results show that the NLVIFA-CM system outperforms the NLVIFA system and other linear type vibration isolators in terms of isolation performance. Furthermore, the proposed vibration isolator makes a significant contribution to low-frequency vibration.

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