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The paper reviews the efforts to compose SOAP, non-SOAP and non-web services. Traditionally efforts were made for composite SOAP services, however, these efforts did not include the RESTful and non-web services. A SOAP service uses structured exchange methodology for dealing with web services while a non-SOAP follows different approach. The research paper reviews the invoking and composing a combination of SOAP, non-SOAP, and non-web services into a composite process to execute complex tasks on various devices. It also shows the systematic integration of the SOAP, non-SOAP and non-web services describing the composition of heterogeneous services than the ones conventionally used from the perspective of resource consumption. The paper further compares and reviews different layout model for the discovery of services, selection of services and composition of services in Cloud computing. Recent research trends in service composition are identified and then research about microservices are evaluated and shown in the form of table and graphs.

2022 ◽  
Andrej Jentsch

Abstract This publication provides a basic guideline to the application of Resource Exergy Analysis (REA) with a focus on energy systems evaluation. REA is a proven application of exergy analysis to the field of technology comparison.REA aims to help decision makers to obtain an indicator in addition to GHG emissions, that is grounded in science, namely Resource Consumption.Even if an energy system uses GHG-free energy increased Resource Consumption likely increases the need for fossil fuels and thus GHG emissions of the global economy. Resource Consumption can replace the less comprehensive Primary Energy Consumption as an indictor and reduce the risk of suboptimal decisions.Evaluating energy systems using REA is key to ensure that climate targets are reached in time.

2022 ◽  
Vol 17 (2) ◽  
pp. 113-146
د.غسان أحمد الأمين أحمد

The study aimed to present a proposed model for the of the accounting system for the consumption of resources. the problem of the study is to try to propose a model for the development of the accounting system for the consumption of resources in light of the constraints and bottlenecks imposed by economic resources, through the integration between the accounting system for the consumption of resources and the theory of constraints and its impact on r educing production costs, the study used an approach that combines induction, deduction and descriptive approach to study the problem of the study and answering questions and its application in the Saeed Foodstuff Factory. The study concluded that the integration between the resource consumption system and the theory of constraints leads to increaseaccuracy in measuring costs and optimal utilization of available energies and managing the restricted resources, which will result in increase profitability  and reduce costs

Qian Zhou ◽  
Meng Shi ◽  
Qi Huang ◽  
Tao Shi

The Guangdong–Hong Kong–Macao Greater Bay Area (GBA) is one of the significant regions with the strongest economic vitality in China. This study focuses on environmental regulation in the eleven Greater Bay Area cities to explore the relationship between it and economic performance for the period 2000–2016. In doing so, we employ spatial panel models (including the spatial instrumental variable method) to investigate the nonlinear relationship between economic growth and environmental regulation. We confirm the existence of a U-shaped relationship between economic growth and environmental regulation in the Greater Bay Area. In the first half of the inverted U shape, the higher the economic development level, the stronger the environmental regulation strength; however, the latter begins to decrease after the peak point. The doubled-edged sword does not cut both ways. This paper verifies that technology innovation and resource consumption are two important mechanisms. Further, we find that both economic growth and environmental regulation have negative spatial externalities; innovation has a positive impact on the environmental regulation of the local city as well as surrounding cities, while resource consumption is on the contrary. In conclusion, this paper provides policy recommendations to further promote economic growth and environmental technologies, and to enhance energy efficiency in GBA.

2021 ◽  
Vol 7 (1) ◽  
Carey W. King

AbstractThis paper explains how the Human and Resources with MONEY (HARMONEY) economic growth model exhibits realistic dynamic interdependencies relating resources consumption, growth, and structural change. We explore dynamics of three major structural metrics of an economy. First, we show that an economic transition to relative decoupling of gross domestic product (GDP) from resource consumption is an expected pattern that occurs because of physical limits to growth, not a response to avoid physical limits. While increasing operational resource efficiency does increase the level of relative decoupling, so does a change in pricing from one based on full costs to one based only on marginal costs that neglect depreciation and interest payments. Marginal cost pricing leads to higher debt ratios and a perception of higher levels of relative resource decoupling. Second, if assuming full labor bargaining power for wages, when a previously-growing economy reaches peak resource extraction and GDP, wages remain high but profits and debt decline to zero. By removing bargaining power, profits can remain positive at the expense of declining wages. Third, the internal structure of HARMONEY evolves in the same way the post-World War II U.S. economy. This is measured as the distribution of intermediate transactions within the input-output tables of both the model and U.S. economy.

Paulin Boale Bomolo ◽  
Eugene Mbuyi Mukendi ◽  
Simon Ntumba Badibagna

Homomorphic encryption is the Swiss army of cryptography. It allows to perform computations on encrypted data. this conjecture of processing on encrypted data was stated by [RAD78]. Until Gentry breakthrough in 2009, only partial solutions were offered. They deal with encrypted data with bounded functions in operations.Gentry raised the bound of number of operations by introducing a new method called the bootstrapping. This method allows to reduce the noise in the ciphertext and to perform more computing on it. Since Gentry's breakthrough, several improvements and several alternatives to the bootstrapping technique have been proposed to improve execution time and reduce resource consumption.  This article studies the growth of noise and the noise management strategy in homomorphic encryption. It also presents the trend of hoping strategy from 2009 to 2016. Through the DGHV, it shows the management of noise on a one-bit encrypted message. 

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