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2022 ◽  
Vol 1 ◽  
Bin Hu ◽  
Shane Canon ◽  
Emiley A. Eloe-Fadrosh ◽  
Anubhav ◽  
Michal Babinski ◽  

The nascent field of microbiome science is transitioning from a descriptive approach of cataloging taxa and functions present in an environment to applying multi-omics methods to investigate microbiome dynamics and function. A large number of new tools and algorithms have been designed and used for very specific purposes on samples collected by individual investigators or groups. While these developments have been quite instructive, the ability to compare microbiome data generated by many groups of researchers is impeded by the lack of standardized application of bioinformatics methods. Additionally, there are few examples of broad bioinformatics workflows that can process metagenome, metatranscriptome, metaproteome and metabolomic data at scale, and no central hub that allows processing, or provides varied omics data that are findable, accessible, interoperable and reusable (FAIR). Here, we review some of the challenges that exist in analyzing omics data within the microbiome research sphere, and provide context on how the National Microbiome Data Collaborative has adopted a standardized and open access approach to address such challenges.

حرقاس وسيلة ◽  
بَهتان عبد القادر

The study aims to identify the difficulties of teaching-learning performance facing teachers, whether in terms of performance or reception by students in light of the Corona pandemic and quarantine. The study relied on the descriptive approach to evaluate the teaching-learning performance with the application of a questionnaire for teachers and another for students. The results revealed several difficulties facing the professor and the student alike, whether in terms of controlling the skills and techniques of distance education and its technological means, or regarding the organization of lessons and pedagogical activities.

رابعة بنت محمد بن مانع الصقرية ◽  
ثرياء بنت سليمان بن حمد الشبيبية

The study aimed to explore the challenges of using educational platforms and proposals to address them from the point of view of the third-year students at Al-Sharqiya University. The descriptive approach was used on a sample of the third-year students at Al-Sharqiya University in the specialization of the first field, consisting of (100) students. The study tool consisted of a two-axis questionnaire to identify the challenges of Use of educational platforms and proposals to address them. The study concluded that among the main challenges of students' use of educational platforms are weak Internet networks and their lack of coverage in some places, some students not having their own computers, and the lack of technical support when needed. The results showed that among the proposals to address the challenges are the following: Strengthening internet networks in some areas and making them available for free for educational purposes, and providing personal computers for students who need them at subsidized prices and an easy payment method, in addition to providing the necessary technical support through the establishment of a special platform that includes answering questions directly, as well as educating students about the harms of staying long hours in front of electronic devices. The results of this study were discussed in the light of latest reviewed literature followed by recommendations and suggestions for future studies and investigations.

2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 193-206
Dani Kusuma ◽  
Wardono Wardono ◽  
Adi Nur

<p style="text-align: justify;">Literacy ability is an individual's ability to reason, formulate, solve, and interpret mathematically to solve problems related to daily life. Executive function is a cognitive aspect that has a relation with mathematical literacy. One of some aspects that affects the low mathematical literacy ability is the aspect of executive function. This study aims to investigate the characteristics of mathematical literacy based on the executive function aspects of 15 years old students. A qualitative method with a descriptive approach is employed in this study. The present research applies interview guidelines, questionnaires, and students' mathematical literacy tests as the instruments. Research subjects are junior high school students in grade VIII from two different schools. The result shows that the students' executive function influences mathematical literacy ability. Students' mathematical literacy ability is not fully achieved by fulfilling all the indicators involved. Another aspect found in the research is the low critical thinking ability impacts the achievement of mathematical literacy ability indicators.</p>

نهى عبد الكريم حسين ◽  
نور أحمد سبانو

The need to diversify educational cloud activities arose due to social distancing, the widening of individual differences between learners, and the need to employ the possibilities offered by cloud education to achieve language goals. This research identifies the perceptions of non-native Arabic language learners towards the cloud-based educational activities based on the entrance of multiple intelligences. The descriptive approach was used, and a questionnaire was designed, consisting of: (Linguistic, Musical, visual- Spatial, Interpersonal, and Interpersonal). The sample consisted of (33) male and female students. The results showed that learners' perceptions are highly positive on all areas of activities. The highest percentage was interpersonal intelligence activities. Also, there are no statistically significant differences due to the sex. The originality of the research presents a vision of the entrance of multiple intelligences; To benefit from its educational applications in teaching Arabic online to non-native speakers, and to keep pace with global trends in the adoption of cloud education and its activities. It is also expected that the results of this research will benefit the following groups: institutions concerned with teaching foreign languages, experts who prepare curricula for teaching Arabic, and teachers of Arabic for non-native speakers.

Aamer Aldbyani

The current research aims to identify the level of fear of Covid-19 and loneliness among Yemeni students in China, and to determine the relationship between them and whether there are differences in the responses of the research sample according to gender. The research adopted the descriptive approach, and the questionnaire was used as a tool for collecting data from the research sample. The research community consisted of Yemeni students in China who were enrolled in the 2021 academic year, the sample is (301) male and female students who were selected using a simple random sampling method. The results showed that the level of fear of Covid-19 and the degree of loneliness were high. There is a positive relationship between fear of COVID-19 and loneliness. There are differences in fear of Covid-19 according to the gender variable in favor of males, and differences in loneliness in favor of females.

2022 ◽  
Vol 27 (1) ◽  
pp. 50-63
Ahmad Syukran Baharuddin ◽  
Abdul Manan Ismail

This research examines parameters in taking maximum benefits from recognized Islamic schools concerning the rulings of a person’s Zakat distribution without paying it to Zakat centre. Fatwa of the National Fatwa Committee of Malaysia has been used as a model in this research. This discussion has been completed through a critical descriptive approach to describe the matter, conforming to scholars’ opinion and its analysis through reliable sources in Islamic jurisprudence and its origins, thus coming up with reasonable appropriate results. The directives and principles were extracted from Islamic rulings and linked to the current situation of the Islamic society so that this study would not remain merely imaginary theories, far from the reality of the community. The researchers meditated and criticized the advisory opinion issued by the National Fatwa Committee of Malaysia on the provision of distributing zakat directly to its receiver without paying it to the Zakat centre. The researchers found that the National Fatwa Committee adheres to the parameter in issuing fatwa, as it has issued a fatwa that contrary to the opinion of the official recognized fiqh school in Malaysia by considering appropriate interest.

ساهر محمود كاظم ◽  
خلود علي عريبي

The research aimed to study and analyze the best global University institutional repositories, which were selected by the search engines and the Spanish website Metrix. A descriptive approach has been used to carry out the research (survey) and a deliberate sample has been taken (ten university repositories) from a community of 500 repositories mentioned in the directory of free access repositories (open Dora), in terms of content, types of digital content management systems, number of recordings, language used and methods of storage and retrieval. The study found that 70% of university institutional repositories used the open source Dspace system. Press articles have been ranked first with a percentage of 100%, while theses came in second rank with regard to the substantive content of the repositories. Moreover, it is found that the position of the repository does not depend on the number of existing recordings as much as it depends on the quality, usage and the links of these recordings.

Mohammed Haneefa Abdul Munas

Alif is considered one of the first Arabic alphabets, while most linguists count the Hamza from the Arabic alphabet census, and these two letters have different forms in writing. So that some scholars do not consider both letters: Hamza and Alif, as independent letters of the alphabet, and at the same time they imagine in front of beginners in a close form, in addition to the lack of attention to train in writing these two letters correctly. This research seeks to detect mistakes made by students when writing and spelling with regard to Hamz and Alif, and to present the most appropriate ways to treat these mistakes. The researcher relies on the descriptive approach. As for the research tools, the research refers to the questionnaire, which is distributed to 103 first-year students from the Department of Arabic Studies of the South Eastern University of Sri Lanka, in addition to the secondary data that helps the researcher cover the first objective—knowing that the analysis of the information is done by MS Excel. The research also concluded that the students have a theoretical knowledge of the use of the Hamza and the Alif in different words and phrases, but when they come to the practical side, they misspell, and they also have a simple experience in writing the Hamza and the Alif in various patterns, in addition to the difficulty that most students face when distinguishing the difference between them in sentences.

Ahmad Ismatullah ◽  
Zulkifli Zulkifli ◽  
Triansyah Fisa

This article discusses the concept of al-muwalah and the style of interpretation of al-Munir by Wahbah az-Zuhayli. The method used is a qualitative descriptive approach with an interdisciplinary interpretation study approach. The primary source for the discussion of this article is al-Munir's interpretation which was obtained from the library. The finding of this article is that az-Zuhayli's interpretation of the concept of al-muwalah shows a comprehensive style of interpretation with multi-disciplinary approaches. The interpretation of the verses on the concept of al-Muwalah by az-Zuhayli reflects that his interpretation is not only traditional, but also contains dynamic, tolerant, moderate, and humanist principles. The article also concludes that al-Munir's interpretation is included in the category of literary interpretation (al-adabi waal-ijtima'i), not the interpretation of socio-political movements (Adab-ijtima'i-siyasi-haraki).

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