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2021 ◽  
Agnieszka Wykowska

Attentional orienting towards others’ gaze direction or pointing has been wellinvestigated in laboratory conditions. However, less is known about the operation ofattentional mechanisms in online naturalistic social interaction scenarios. It is equally plausible that following social directional cues (gaze, pointing) occurs reflexively, and/orthat it is influenced by top-down cognitive factors. In a mobile eye-tracking experiment,we show that under natural interaction conditions overt attentional orienting is notnecessarily reflexively triggered by pointing gestures or a combination of gaze shifts andpointing gestures. We found that participants conversing with an experimenter, who,during the interaction, would play out pointing gestures as well as directional gaze movements, continued to mostly focus their gaze on the face of the experimenter, demonstrating the significance of attending to the face of the interaction partner – in linewith effective top-down control over reflexive orienting of attention in the direction of social cues.

Justine Bell‐James ◽  
James A. Fitzsimons ◽  
Chris L. Gillies ◽  
Nicole Shumway ◽  
Catherine E. Lovelock

2021 ◽  
pp. 229255032110643
Yehuda Chocron ◽  
Dino Zammit ◽  
Sabrina Cugno ◽  
Jeffrey Atkinson ◽  
Mirko S. Gilardino

Although rarer than their lateral orbital counterparts, dermoid cysts are part of any differential diagnosis of a midline nasal mass in the pediatric population. Here we present a case of a nasal dermoid with intracranial extension that presented as a mass appearing at the nasal-cheek junction. This atypical presentation for a nasal dermoid highlights the need for clinicians to remain vigilant and consider midline dermoid cyst as a diagnosis despite an off-midline position on the face.

2021 ◽  
pp. 095001702110412
Saniye Dedeoglu

This article explores how the vulnerabilities of Syrian refugees influence their integration into Turkish labour markets, in particular the agricultural sector. ‘Vulnerable integration’ refers to the inclusion of the most vulnerable migrant labour – women and children – in the face of rivalry among different segments of the precariat to obtain existing agricultural jobs. With a focus on intersectional vulnerabilities and the feminisation of precarisation of Syrian labour in Turkey, I aim to highlight the interconnectedness between women’s production and social reproduction. Therefore, I develop a sociological multidimensional dynamic way of thinking about the integration of Syrian refugee labour in Turkey’s seasonal agricultural labour markets.

2021 ◽  
pp. 1-20
Bohdana Kurylo

Abstract IR scholarship has recently seen a burgeoning interest in the right-wing populist politics of security, showing that it tends to align with the international ultraconservative mobilisation against ‘gender ideology’. In contrast, this article investigates how local feminist actors can resist right-wing populist constructions of (in)security by introducing counter-populist discourses and aesthetics of security. I analyse the case of Poland, which presents two competing populist performances of (in)security: the Independence March organised by right-wing groups on Poland's Independence Day and the Women's Strike protests against the near-total ban on abortion. The article draws on Judith Butler's theory of the performative politics of public assembly, which elucidates how the political subject of ‘the people’ can emerge as bodies come together to make security demands through both verbal and non-verbal acts. I argue that the feminist movement used the vehicle of populist performance to subvert the exclusionary constructions of (in)security by right-wing populists. In the process, it introduced a different conception of security in the struggle for a ‘livable life’. The study expands the understanding of the relationship between populism, security and feminism in IR by exploring how the populist politics of security is differently enacted by everyday agents in local contexts.

2021 ◽  
Vol 84 ◽  
pp. 25-48
Emili Samper ◽  
Carme Oriol ◽  

Catalonia is in a situation of political conflict with the Spanish State regarding its right to self-determination, a conflict that has been exacerbated in recent years by the growing demand from a part of Catalan society for an independent state. Throughout this situation rumours have appeared in relation to events as they unfold. One of the key moments in the conflict was the referendum on self-determination, which was approved, prepared, and held on 1 October 2017, in the face of continuous opposition from the Spanish State. The tensions, uncertainties, and fears experienced by those in favour of the referendum were fuelled by rumours that in many cases were ultimately proven to be false. The present paper will analyse the rumours that emerged in relation to the referendum and the political atmosphere at that time. The study will analyse the rumours relating to aspects such as the logistics required to hold the referendum, the key figures in the process, the organizations that support it and the actions of the media, among others.

Water ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 13 (23) ◽  
pp. 3394
Hailton César Pimentel Fialho ◽  
Fernando Girardi Abreu ◽  
Bruno José de Oliveira Sousa ◽  
Felipe Augusto Arguello Souza ◽  
Namrata Bhattacharya-Mis ◽  

In this research we used walking interviews to investigate the measures used by shopkeepers as protection against floods. The concept of anticipated memory has been used to identify the relationship between their learning from previous events and the adaptive measures they have taken to reduce risk of future flooding in Gregório Creek basin. The area is affected by major flooding issues in the city of São Carlos, southeastern Brazil. Twenty-three (23) downtown merchants shared their experience of the extreme rainfall that occurred on 12 January 2020, characterized by a return period of 103 years. Comparing our findings with November 2015 and March 2018 floods (Interviews 37 and 52 respectively), we noted that due to the enhanced level of threat, people had changed their adaptation strategy by increasing the sum of floodgate height more than 4-fold (870 cm to 3830 cm) between 2015 to 2020. Our results showed that despite frequent flooding, the shopkeepers downtown were reluctant to move away from the area; rather, they preferred to improve their individual protection. The substantial increase in the height of the floodgates represents the population’s feedback in the face of a new level of threat.

2021 ◽  
Vol 5 (1) ◽  
Chao Gao

In the face of the impact of the epidemic on the industrial chain and supply chain, it is an inevitable requirement for industrial development to ensure the dynamic balance of the supply chain. Supply chain is the basis for the generation of industrial chain. Industrial linkage can promote the rational layout of industries. The operation mode of supply chain is the main driving force of industrial linkage. To build a dynamic and balanced supply chain, we must focus on symbolic industries and adopt measures of chain protection, chain supplement, chain creation and chain financing.

Yusuf Solmaz Balo ◽  
Felix Butz

Abstract Terrorism criminal law and juvenile criminal law are branches of law that modify default criminal law provisions. In terms of their goals, these approaches mostly oppose each other. While the primary purpose of terrorism law is to meet the security needs of society, juvenile criminal law serves the privileged interests of juveniles and their reintegration to that society. With increasing active recruiting of juveniles by terrorist organizations, the question arises of what legal systems are doing in the face of juvenile terrorist offenses. This paper analyses and compares legal responses to terrorist crimes by juveniles in Germany and Turkey. The authors conclude that in Germany juvenile terrorist offenses are granted the benefits of juvenile criminal law to a higher degree than in Turkey. This has various legal and extra-legal reasons; however, in both legal systems reforms seem necessary to react more adequately to this troubling form of juvenile delinquency.

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