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2022 ◽  
Vol 8 (4) ◽  
pp. 331-342
Sadık Hançerlioğlu ◽  
İsmail Toygar ◽  
Dimitrios Theofanidis

The aim of this study is to explore the attitudes of nurse students in Turkey, towards ageing and elderliness and to determine differences in terms of year of study. The study uses a comparative design with data collected from February to March 2020. A random sample of 306 nursing students was selected. A demographic data form and the Attitudes toward Ageing and Elderliness Scale (ATAES) were used to collect data. Of the students, 47.7% reported that they cared for older adults in their clinical practice and 53.6% confirmed that they had successfully completed the theoretical lessons on elderly care. Theoretical education (Hedge’s g = 0.23) and clinical practice (Hedge’s g = 0.34) on elderly care have minimal effects on the attitudes toward ageing and elderliness. Theoretical education and clinical practice as conducted currently in a university in Turkey, failed to improve attitudes toward ageing and elderliness. Keywords: ageing, elderliness, nursing, nursing education, nursing students

2022 ◽  
Vol 0 (0) ◽  
pp. 0-0
Eman Abdeen Ali ◽  
Soheir Mostafa Eweda ◽  
Yousria Mohamed Salem ◽  
Rasha Aly Yakout ◽  
Mohamed Ibrahim Sanhoury

2021 ◽  
Vol 15 (1) ◽  
pp. 156-169
Bea Dijkman ◽  
Alberta Oosterhoff ◽  
Amangali Akanov ◽  
Wolter Paans

Background: To strengthen nursing in Kazakhstan, an e-platform has been developed to support knowledge sharing and collaboration in nursing education, nursing research, and clinical practice. Objective: This study aims to identify and prioritize requirements for an e-platform to strengthen nursing in the trinity of nursing education, nursing research, and clinical practice. Methods: The research was conducted using an exploratory sequential mixed-method design, including a systematic review and a Delphi study. The systematic review utilized search terms concerning nursing, e-platform, research, and education. The Delphi study included two rounds of questionnaires among a panel of Kazakh and European experts. Outcomes were analyzed using content validity ratios and level of consensus thresholds. Results: The systematic review generated eight studies and identified nine categories of requirements to be covered by four groups in the Delphi study. These four groups were content-related, functional, usability, and technical requirements. The study generated 52 essential and 15 useful requirements, which are common in the literature and in experts’ opinions. Conclusion: The list of requirements is well embedded in the literature as well as in the national context of nursing in Kazakhstan. Therefore, the e-platform developed according to these requirements will contribute to improving the trinity of nursing education, research, and practice. Although the list is context-specific, when validated by a panel of experts, it is universally applicable when developing e-platforms for nursing.

2021 ◽  
Mahdieh Sarhadi ◽  
Ali Navidian ◽  
Roghayeh Mehdipour Rabori ◽  
Esmat Nouhi

Abstract Background: Living with cardiovascular diseases can make significant changes in continuing marriage and marital adjustment. Therefore, the present study examines the effects of myocardial infarction on couples' relationships and aims to explain how to create new cycles in couples' marital adjustment following infarction.Methods: To this end, in-depth semi-structured interviews were conducted with six patients with myocardial infarction and seven spouses with a mean age of 54 years in two teaching hospitals located in southeast of Iran in 2020-2021. Interviews were immediately transcribed and content-analysed on a contractual basis. MAXQDA2020 was used to classify the data, and data analysis was performed using the proposed Lundman & Graneheim method.Results: The results showed that couples began to redefine marital interactions, re-evaluate life, optimize decision-making processes, and better manage their marital conflicts after the disease.Conclusion: The present study showed how the disease breaks down the structures and interactions of couples. Couples create new changes and cycles in their marital life to maintain and survive together after passing the acute stage of the disease to develop their marital adjustment process. Therefore, considering the positive cycles created, the present study results can be used in health education, nursing caring, organizing consultations, and designing supportive interventions for patients with myocardial infarction and their spouses.

Yoongoo Noh ◽  
Insook Lee

In this mixed-methods study, we identified anaphylaxis awareness among nursing students through a survey, and the needs for anaphylaxis education through focus group interviews (FGIs). Anaphylaxis awareness was surveyed from 10 June–30 July 2018 using a structured questionnaire with 221 junior or senior nursing students. To assess the needs for anaphylaxis education, 14 senior nursing students were interviewed using FGIs from 10–22 June 2018. Quantitative data were analyzed descriptively using SPSS, and qualitative data were assessed using thematic analysis. Nursing students’ awareness of anaphylaxis was identified by correct answers to items concerning symptoms (33.0%), causes (64.6%), and treatments (55.8%), with an overall average of 51.5%. The thematic analysis identified four themes reflecting students’ educational needs: the need for anaphylaxis education, various education methods, field training-based study of educational content, and repeated education. Nursing students’ anaphylaxis awareness is low. Their specific needs derived in this study for anaphylaxis education should draw special attention when planning nursing curriculum. Incorporating these findings in future education programs may promote students’ confidence in treating anaphylaxis.

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