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Mathematics ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 10 (2) ◽  
pp. 264
Kin Keung Lai ◽  
Jaya Bisht ◽  
Nidhi Sharma ◽  
Shashi Kant Mishra

We introduce a new class of interval-valued preinvex functions termed as harmonically h-preinvex interval-valued functions. We establish new inclusion of Hermite–Hadamard for harmonically h-preinvex interval-valued function via interval-valued Riemann–Liouville fractional integrals. Further, we prove fractional Hermite–Hadamard-type inclusions for the product of two harmonically h-preinvex interval-valued functions. In this way, these findings include several well-known results and newly obtained results of the existing literature as special cases. Moreover, applications of the main results are demonstrated by presenting some examples.

Mathematics ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 10 (2) ◽  
pp. 204
Muhammad Bilal Khan ◽  
Hatim Ghazi Zaini ◽  
Savin Treanțǎ ◽  
Mohamed S. Soliman ◽  
Kamsing Nonlaopon

The concepts of convex and non-convex functions play a key role in the study of optimization. So, with the help of these ideas, some inequalities can also be established. Moreover, the principles of convexity and symmetry are inextricably linked. In the last two years, convexity and symmetry have emerged as a new field due to considerable association. In this paper, we study a new version of interval-valued functions (I-V·Fs), known as left and right χ-pre-invex interval-valued functions (LR-χ-pre-invex I-V·Fs). For this class of non-convex I-V·Fs, we derive numerous new dynamic inequalities interval Riemann–Liouville fractional integral operators. The applications of these repercussions are taken into account in a unique way. In addition, instructive instances are provided to aid our conclusions. Meanwhile, we’ll discuss a few specific examples that may be extrapolated from our primary findings.

Monika Bisht ◽  
Rajesh Dangwal

In this paper, we introduce a new method to solve Interval-Valued Transportation Problem (IVTP) to deal with those problems of transportation wherein the information available is imprecise. First, a newly proposed fuzzification method is used to convert the IVTP to octagonal fuzzy transportation problem and then with the help of ranking function proposed in this paper, the fuzzy transportation problem is converted into crisp transportation problem. Lastly, Initial Basic Feasible Solution (IBFS) of this problem is obtained using Vogel’s Approximation Method and the solution is improved using Modified Distribution (MODI) method. A numerical example with interval data is solved using the proposed algorithm to make comparison of the solution with some other methods. Also, a numerical example with parameters in the form of octagonal fuzzy numbers is illustrated to compare the effectiveness of the proposed ranking technique. The proposed fuzzification and ranking technique can be used in the other fields of decision making dealing with the data in the same form as considered in this paper.

Pedro Huidobro ◽  
Pedro Alonso ◽  
Vladimír Janiš ◽  
Susana Montes

AbstractConvexity is a deeply studied concept since it is very useful in many fields of mathematics, like optimization. When we deal with imprecision, the convexity is required as well and some important applications can be found fuzzy optimization, in particular convexity of fuzzy sets. In this paper we have extended the notion of convexity for interval-valued fuzzy sets in order to be able to cover some wider area of imprecision. We show some of its interesting properties, and study the preservation under the intersection and the cutworthy property. Finally, we applied convexity to decision-making problems.

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