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Pooja Rani

Abstract: The wearing of metal parts might be defined as a gradual decay or breakdown of the metal. When a part becomes so deformed that it cannot perform adequately, it must be replaced or rebuilt. While the end results of wear are similar, the causes of wear are different. It is essential to understand the wear factors involved before making a hard surfacing product selection. It would be easy to select a surfacing alloy if all metal components were subjected to only one type of wear. However, a metal part is usually worn by combinations of two or more types of wear. This makes an alloy selection considerably more complicated. A hard surfacing alloy should be chosen as a compromise between each wear factor. The initial focus should centre on the primary wear factor and then the secondary wear factor(s) should be examined. For example: upon examining a worn metal part, it is determined that the primary wear factor is abrasion and the secondary wear factor is light impact. The surfacing alloy chosen should have very good abrasion resistance but also have a fair amount of impact resistance. Keywords: Welding, Hard Facing Electrodes, Alloys, Afrox 300.

Tianyi Zhang ◽  
Wei Liu ◽  
Rui Mao ◽  
Baojun Dong ◽  
Yipu Sun ◽  

Magnus Boåsen ◽  
Kristina Lindgren ◽  
Martin Öberg ◽  
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