Development of an electrochemical aptasensor based on Au nanoparticles decorated on metal–organic framework nanosheets and p-biphenol electroactive label for the measurement of aflatoxin B1 in a rice flour sample

Fahime Jahangiri–Dehaghani ◽  
Hamid R. Zare ◽  
Zahra Shekari ◽  
Ali Benvidi
RSC Advances ◽  
2019 ◽  
Vol 9 (22) ◽  
pp. 12689-12695 ◽  
Qiang-Qiang Chang ◽  
Yi-Wei Cui ◽  
Hai-Huan Zhang ◽  
Fei Chang ◽  
Bao-Hua Zhu ◽  

C-doped ZnO decorated with Au nanoparticles (Au/C-ZnO) were prepared via one step pyrolysis of ZIF-8 adsorbing HAuCl4.

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