scholarly journals Spatial structure of natural boxwood and the invasive box tree moth can promote coexistence

2022 ◽  
Vol 465 ◽  
pp. 109844
Léo Ledru ◽  
Jimmy Garnier ◽  
Christiane Gallet ◽  
Camille Noûs ◽  
Sébastien Ibanez
1967 ◽  
Vol 31 ◽  
pp. 45-46
Carl Heiles

High-resolution 21-cm line observations in a region aroundlII= 120°,b11= +15°, have revealed four types of structure in the interstellar hydrogen: a smooth background, large sheets of density 2 atoms cm-3, clouds occurring mostly in groups, and ‘Cloudlets’ of a few solar masses and a few parsecs in size; the velocity dispersion in the Cloudlets is only 1 km/sec. Strong temperature variations in the gas are in evidence.

2018 ◽  
pp. 7-13
Anton M. Mishchenko ◽  
Sergei S. Rachkovsky ◽  
Vladimir A. Smolin ◽  
Igor V . Yakimenko

Results of experimental studying radiation spatial structure of atmosphere background nonuniformities and of an unmanned aerial vehicle being the detection object are presented. The question on a possibility of its detection using optoelectronic systems against the background of a cloudy field in the near IR wavelength range is also considered.

А.В. Королев

В статье рассматривается модель эндогенного роста с человеческим капи-талом на простой пространственной структуре (окружности). Особое вни-мание уделено специальному случаю - комбинации параметров, при кото-рой удаётся получить решение задачи центрального планировщика на окружности в явном виде, что другим авторам не удавалось. In this article the endogenous growth model with human capital on the simple spatial structure (the circle) is considered. We pay main attention to a special case of a combination of parameters for which we were able to solve the central plan-ner problem on the circle in an explicit form, which other authors did not suc-ceed to do.

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