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2021 ◽  
pp. 163-179
Yogendra Gupta ◽  
Niketa Sharma ◽  
Ashish Sharma ◽  
Harish Sharma

2021 ◽  
Vol 28 (10) ◽  
pp. 102301
Bo Li ◽  
Lipeng Wang ◽  
Weike Ou ◽  
Zhenyu Zhou ◽  
Zhuoyi Li ◽  

Arianna Morozzi ◽  
Michael Hoffmann ◽  
Stefan Slesazeck ◽  
Roberto Mulargia

Solar Energy ◽  
2021 ◽  
Vol 225 ◽  
pp. 44-52
Tariq AlZoubi ◽  
Ahmad Moghrabi ◽  
Mohamed Moustafa ◽  
Shadi Yasin

2021 ◽  
Vol 13 (16) ◽  
pp. 9114
Alejandro Ballesteros-Coll ◽  
Koldo Portal-Porras ◽  
Unai Fernandez-Gamiz ◽  
Ekaitz Zulueta ◽  
Jose Manuel Lopez-Guede

Flow control device modeling is an engaging research field for wind turbine optimization, since in recent years wind turbines have grown in proportions and weight. The purpose of the present work was to study the performance and effects generated by a rotating microtab (MT) implemented on the trailing edge of a DU91W250 airfoil through the novel cell-set (CS) model for the first time via CFD techniques. The CS method is based on the reutilization of an already calculated mesh for the addition of new geometries on it. To accomplish that objective, the required region is split from the main domain, and new boundaries are assigned to the mentioned construction. Three different MT lengths were considered: h = 1%, 1.5% and 2% of the airfoil chord length, as well as seven MT orientations (β): from 0° to −90° regarding the horizontal axis, for five angles of attack: 0°, 2°, 4°, 6° and 9°. The numerical results showed that the increases of the β rotating angle and the MT length (h) led to higher aerodynamic performance of the airfoil, CL/CD = 164.10 being the maximum ratio obtained. All the performance curves showed an asymptotic trend as the β angle reduced. Qualitatively, the model behaved as expected, proving the relationship between velocity and pressure. Taking into consideration resulting data, the cell-set method is appropriate for computational testing of trailing edge rotating microtab geometry.

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