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Dan Alva Castillo ◽  
Brian Meneses Claudio ◽  
Alexi Delgado

Citizen insecurity is a reality with which we must coexist, the cities of Latin America are among the most violent and insecure in the world. According to the statistics of the National Police of Peru, they report that by 2017 the crimes of theft or robbery were the most common because they had a monthly average of 15348 complaints, equivalent to 66.9% of the total crimes nationwide. The INEI (National Institute of Statistics and Informatics) revealed that in the same year the district of Carabayllo obtained 1.85% of the total complaints in Metropolitan Lima, occupying the 17th place in the ranking of districts with the highest number of complaints for this crime. That is why in the present research work a way to counteract these criminal acts was proposed, the first thing is to be located within the operating range of the RF module, so that the remote transmission control can activate it, the RF module will be connected to the power outlet and the siren. The siren will oversee persuading the criminal, in addition to alerting the neighbors about the events that are happening. It was obtained as a result that the system fulfills its purpose, it can be alerted in real time about some attempted theft or at the instant of a threat situation, only by pressing the button of the remote control we can persuade the criminals either by scaring them with the sound or with the help of the neighbors. Keywords-- Citizen insecurity, RF Module, Siren, Remote Control

Marco Schnurbus ◽  
Michael Hardt ◽  
Pascal Steinforth ◽  
Javier Carrascosa-Tejedor ◽  
Samuel Winnall ◽  

2022 ◽  
Vol 4 (1) ◽  
pp. 17-31
Atsushi Yamamoto ◽  
Tsumugu Kusudo ◽  
Masaomi Kimura ◽  
Yutaka Matsuno

Japanese agriculture is facing a decrease in agricultural workers. Mechanization, both to save time and reduce physical input, is essential to solving this issue. Recent worldwide progress in Internet-of-things technology has enabled the application of remote-controlled and unmanned machinery in agriculture. This study was conducted in the Gojo-Yoshino mountainous region in Nara, Japan, which is famous for its persimmon cultivation. The performance of newly introduced smart agricultural machinery was studied in the field by simulating cultivation work. The results showed that the remote-control weeder, speed sprayer, and remote-control mini crawler carrier saved 90%, 75%, and 5% of weeding, spraying, and harvesting times, respectively, when compared with conventional methods. Such time savings led to an 8% decrease in the total working time spent on persimmon cultivation. In addition, using the speed sprayer showed improvement in the fruit’s quality. Results of the power assist suits did not show a time-saving effect but showed a reduction of physical burden. These results suggest that the mechanization of persimmon cultivation is efficient and labor-saving, and satisfies the need for farmers. However, the high investment costs remain an issue in extending mechanization to the region.

Zhihui Huang ◽  
Jun Cheng ◽  
Na Wu ◽  
Longwen Yan ◽  
Hongbing Xu ◽  

Abstract A newly designed divertor Langmuir probe diagnostic system has been installed in a rare closed divertor of the HL-2A tokamak and steadily operated for the study of divertor physics involved edge-localized mode (ELM) mitigation, detachment and redistribution of heat flux, etc. Two sets of probe arrays including 274 probe tips were placed at two ports (approximately 180° separated toroidally), and the spatial and temporal resolutions of this measurement system could reach 6 mm and 1 s, respectively. A novel design of the ceramic isolation ring can ensure reliable electrical insulation property between the graphite tip and the copper substrate plate where plasma impurities and the dust are deposited into the gaps for a long experimental time. Meanwhile, the condition monitoring and mode conversion between single and triple probe of the probe system could be conveniently implemented via a remote control station. The preliminary experimental result shows that the divertor Langmuir probe system is capable of measuring the high spatiotemporal parameters involved the plasma density, electron temperature, particle flux as well as heat flux during the ELMy H-mode discharges.

Xiaodong Lv ◽  
Chuankai Dai ◽  
Haijie Liu ◽  
Ye Tian ◽  
Luyao Chen ◽  

Yi Liao

Spatial, temporal, and remote control of proton chemistry can be achieved by using photoacids, which are molecules that transform from weak to strong acids under light. Most of proton chemistry...

2022 ◽  
Vol 355 ◽  
pp. 03030
Chao Ma ◽  
Hao Zhao ◽  
Tong Wang

With the rapid development of the automotive industry and the wide application of 5G network technology, there are more and more Telematics Box (T-Box) equipped with intelligent operating systems in vehicles and they are becoming more and more complex. Because it is connected to the on-board CAN bus internally and interconnects with mobile phone /PC through the cloud platform externally, the security of T-Box must be fully guaranteed, to make the automotive more secure. T-Box can realize remote control function, so the T-Box information security problem has been paid more and more attention. In this paper, the T-Box were tested from multiple dimensions by using various methods, and the results were statistically analyzed, and the corresponding protection strategies were proposed for the corresponding security risks.

2021 ◽  
Vol 19 (12) ◽  
pp. 43-51
Yong-Sung Kwon ◽  
Eun-Su Kim ◽  
Jae-Wook Shin ◽  
Bum-Yong Park

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