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1463-9084, 1463-9076

Shun Song ◽  
Jian Gong ◽  
Xiangwei Jiang ◽  
Shenyuan Yang

We systematically study the influence of interface configuration and strain on the electronic and transport properties of lateral MoS2/graphene heterostructures by first-principles calculations and quantum transport simulations.

Gui-Cang He ◽  
Lina Shi ◽  
Yilei Hua ◽  
Xiao-Li Zhu

In this work, the electron-phonon, the phonon-phonon, and phonon structure scattering mechanisms and the effect on the thermal and thermoelectric properties of the silver nanowire (AgNW) are investigated in temperature...

Marina A. Gorbunova ◽  
Evgenii V. Komov ◽  
Leonid Yu. Grunin ◽  
Mariya S. Ivanova ◽  
Ainur F. Abukaev ◽  

Control of the phase separation process of soft and hard segments by selecting diisocyanates and by varying the thermal program allows defining the final degree of crystallinity and phase composition of TPUs.

Guangyi Hou ◽  
Sai Li ◽  
Jun Liu ◽  
Yun-Xuan Weng ◽  
Liqun Zhang

Introducing polymer nanoparticles into polymer matrices is an interesting topic, and the robustness of polymeric nanoparticles is very crucial for the properties of polymer nanocomposites (PNCs). In this study, by...

Hanggara Sudrajat ◽  
Sri Hartuti ◽  
Sandhya Babel

Doping of Ta5+ into TiO2 replaces Ti4+ to decrease the recombination rate and elongate the electron lifetime due to the formation of shallow electron traps from Ti3+ defects. The elongated electron lifetime increases electron population and photocatalytic activity.

Lulu Zhang ◽  
Juan Zhao ◽  
Dong Liu ◽  
Wei Wang ◽  
Daguang Yue ◽  

Relaxed triangular plot of the new PES in hyperspherical coordinates.

Fei-Yang Xu ◽  
Yu Zhou ◽  
tian zhang ◽  
Zhao-Yi Zeng ◽  
Xiang-Rong Chen ◽  

Metal oxyhalides have been broadly studied recently due to their hierarchical structures and promising functionalities. Herein, a thorough study of newly modeled monolayers ScXY (X = S, Se; Y =...

Satoshi Aya ◽  
Junichi Kogo ◽  
Fumito Araoka ◽  
Osamu Haba ◽  
Koichiro Yonetake

Combinations of different geometry and the surface anchoring conditions give rise to the diversity of topological structures in nematic colloid systems. Tuning these parameters in a single system offers possibilities...

Taoufik Sakhraoui ◽  
Frantisek Karlicky

The electronic and magnetic properties of fluorographene (CF) in presence of F-vacancies defects and/or chemical groups (-OH, -CN, and -NH2) were computationally investigated within the framework of the Density Functional...

Ondrej Votava ◽  
Samir Kassi ◽  
Alain Campargue ◽  
Daniele Romanini

Comb Coherence Transfer (CCT) uses a feed-forward frequency correction to transfer the optical phase of a frequency comb to the beam of a free-running diode laser. This allows to amplify...

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