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Nagesh Rajendra Salunke

Abstract: The concept of cloud computing becomes more popular in latest years. Data storage is very important and valuable research field in cloud computing. Cloud based file sharing is a file sharing security in cloud. The required security from unauthorized access of the file in the cloud is provided by the encryption and decryption function. The admin can provide file access option to the authorized users. This facility limits the number and time of access of the shared files by the admin for the authorized user. Cloud data storage technology is the core area in cloud computing and solves the data storage mode of cloud environment. This project introduces the concept of cloud computing and cloud storage as well as the architecture of cloud storage firstly. Then we analyze the cloud data storage technology amazon web services, wasabi, Digital Ocean etc. We will improve the traditional file storage method and we will make a platform which will get more privileges. Keywords: Cloud, Storage, AWS, Wasabi, File Management, Files Storage, Files Sharing, DMS, CMS, Drive store, Private Cloud.

Nur Syahela Hussien ◽  
Sarina Sulaiman ◽  
Abdulaziz Aborujilah ◽  
Merlinda Wibowo ◽  
Hussein Samma

<span>Today, there are high demands on Mobile Cloud Storage (MCS) services that need to manage the increasing number of works with stable performance. This situation brings a challenge for data management systems because when the number of works increased MCS needs to manage the data wisely to avoid latency occur. If latency occurs it will slow down the data performance and it should avoid that problem when using MCS. Moreover, MCS should provide users access to data faster and correctly. Hence, the research focuses on the scalability of mobile cloud data storage management, which is study the scalable on how deep the data folder itself that increase the number of works.</span>

2021 ◽  
Pavithra R ◽  
Prathiksha S ◽  
Shruthi SG ◽  
Bhanumathi M

The most demanded advanced technology throughout the world is cloud computing. It is one of the most significant topics whose application is being researched in today’s time. Cloud storage is one of the eminent services offered in cloud computing. Data is stored on multiple third-party servers, rather than on the dedicated server used in traditional networked data storage in the cloud storage. All data stored on multiple third-party servers is not bothered by the user and no one knows where exactly data saved. It is minded by the cloud storage provider that claims that they can protect the data but no one believes them. Data stored over the cloud and flowing through the network in the plain text format is a security threat. This paper proposes a method that allows users to store and access the data securely from cloud storage. This method ensures the security and privacy of data stored on the cloud. A further advantage of this method is we will be using encryption techniques to encrypt.

2021 ◽  
Vol 875 (1) ◽  
pp. 012090
A D Karpov ◽  
A G Lebedev ◽  
I Yu Gorbunov ◽  
A I Radin ◽  
A N Razdayvodin

Abstract Since the system of radiation control in forestry was formed even before the mass introduction of information technologies, data processing in radiation monitoring retains the approaches conditioned by the traditional, paper-based document management. The aim of this project is to develop a unified automated system for collection, control and analysis of data from radiation monitoring of forests in the Russian Federation. The system is based on the use of the unified software ‘SpectraLineBG’ for spectrometric devices, on the creation of a cloud data storage server, and the development of a software environment for storing and processing of the obtained material. The system allows to check the accuracy of all the obtained results of measurements and to make their subsequent correction. The described method of data collection is universal for spectrometric studies and can be used not only in forestry, but also in any organization involved in radiation control of the environment. Using the accumulated material, the system allows to analyze the distribution and the dynamics of radionuclides in space and time, to calculate the coefficients of the transition of radionuclides from soil to vegetation for one or more species in different areas.

Neda Fatima ◽  
Salman Ahmad Siddiqui ◽  
Anwar Ahmad

The COVID-19 pandemic affected the entire world in various ways. It influenced the global order, lives, livelihoods, travel, workspace, digital systems and most importantly the health systems. One unarguably the most unusual and striking effect of the pandemic has been on the mental health of people worldwide as lives underwent drastic changes in the pandemic. As the pandemic continues, the demand for mental health treatment is only increasing with focus on more personalized and customized healthcare as each individual has his/her own sets of issues, fears and insecurities and ‘one size-fits-all’ approach cannot be practiced in such cases. This paper presents a comprehensive solution in the form of a novel stress monitoring system that detects stress levels and guides the person to relax by pursuing a hobby like watching a meditative video or distract for some time and play some soothing game. It also alerts his personal psychiatrist or doctor who can then check up on him and prescribe him appropriate treatment and medication in case of high stress levels.

Vyom Verma ◽  
Pulkit Kumar ◽  
Raj Kumar Verma ◽  
Shristi Priya

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