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Land ◽  
2022 ◽  
Vol 11 (1) ◽  
pp. 137
Aireona B. Raschke ◽  
Jeny Davis ◽  
Annia Quiroz

Land managers are currently faced with a nexus of challenges, both ecological and social, when trying to govern natural open spaces. While social media has led to many challenges for effective land management and governance, the technology has the potential to support key activities related to habitat restoration, awareness-raising for policy changes, and increased community resilience as the impacts of increased use and climate change become more apparent. Through the use of a case study examining the work of the Central Arizona Conservation Alliance’s social media ambassadorship and its app-supported community science projects, we examine the potential and realized positive impact that technology such as social media and smartphone apps can create for land managers and surrounding communities.

James G. Bridges ◽  
Amber V. Vennum ◽  
Paige McAllister ◽  
Brooke Balderson ◽  
Loren Taylor ◽  

Nathali Tornay ◽  
Luc Floissac ◽  
Coralie Garcia ◽  
Delphine Rollet ◽  
Catherine Aventin

Bio-based materials end of life is analysed from straw builders and farming practices. This paper proposes a classification of constructive straw systems according to their selective disassembly processes. According to EN 15804 standard, end-of-life (EoL) cycle analysis scenarios are used to create Environmental Product Declarations (EPD). These data will be used: - for architectural projects conception in respect to“RE2020” new French regulation. - as an awareness-raising approach for the long term design of constructive systems.

Adem Arkadas-Thibert

Abstract‘There should be awareness raising and campaigns through different mediums such as radio, TV, newspapers, forums and blogging on trafficking, abductions, child labour, child marriage and all forms of violation and discrimination against children and youths.’ (Africa).


Awareness-raising messages feature prominently in most anticorruption strategies. Yet, there has been limited systematic research into their efficacy. There is growing concern that anticorruption awareness-raising efforts may be backfiring; instead of encouraging citizens to resist corruption, they may be nudging them to “go with the corrupt grain.” This study offers a first test of the effect of anticorruption messaging on ordinary people’s behavior. A household-level field experiment, conducted with a representative sample in Lagos, Nigeria, is used to test whether exposure to five different messages about (anti)corruption influence the outcome of a “bribery game.” We find that exposure to anticorruption messages largely fails to discourage the decision to bribe, and in some cases it makes individuals more willing to pay a bribe. Importantly, we also find that the effect of anticorruption messaging is conditioned by an individual’s preexisting perceptions regarding the prevalence of corruption.

2021 ◽  
Vol 22 (3) ◽  
pp. 1084-1101
Sentot Imam Wahjono ◽  
Soo-Fen Fam ◽  
Mukhaer Pakkanna ◽  
Ismail Rasulong ◽  
Anna Marina

Crowdfunding is an activity to collect small amounts of funds from a large audience via the internet without involving a financing intermediary. This study aims to determine the effect of fundraising, product testing, relationship reliability, and awareness-raising on the performance of the crowdfunding platform as an alternative source of business or business funding. This research was conducted using a quantitative approach, where Google forms were distributed to 267 project proponents, owners, or administrators in ASEAN countries as a sample and 197 sets of questionnaires were returned with complete answers and further analyzed. The data analysis used includes descriptive analysis, Pearson correlation, and multiple linear regression analysis. The results of this study indicate that all independent variables, namely the creator's intention in the form of fundraising, product testing, relationship reliability, and awareness-raising, have a positive and significant influence on the performance of the crowdfunding platform. This has practical implications that the creator's intention must be a concern for project proponents and fund owners who invest or distribute their funds in addition to paying attention to the business proposal and the reliability of the crowdfunding platform operator.

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