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Marco Jr. N. Del Rosario ◽  
Ronnel A. Dela Cruz

Internship program intends to empower students with real-world knowledge, skills, and desirable attitudes by allowing them to gain hands-on experience. This study focuses on implementing lean management principles in developing a web-based information system that manages the data and processes undertaken by the students in their internship program. The system was developed using the Rapid Application Development (RAD) model which was divided into four main modules. These modules are for monitoring and supervision of the internship program. The system will help the coordinators to manage documents, the supervisor to give grades, the students to create a journal that will monitor progress, and the administrator to manage the system. To determine if the developed system is efficient and functional, trials were conducted utilizing test scenarios, test cases, and comparison table. The developed system was evaluated using a survey questionnaire based on ISO 25010 software quality model as to Product Quality. It obtained an overall mean of 4.32 with a standard deviation value of 0.666. This validates that the objectives of the study were met and achieved. Moreover, the system was able to reduce the cost and time spent from the previous process, which proves that it successfully integrated lean management principle in its design.

Андрей Александрович Давыденко ◽  
Ирина Владимировна Баранникова ◽  
Виталий Вячеславович Челноков ◽  
Леонид Иванович Руссу ◽  
Марина Владимировна Мезенцева

В работе рассмотрено сравнение экспериментальных распределений количества клеток для определения цитологического и иммунологического эффекта, оказываемого одновременным воздействием офтальмологических препаратов Броксинак® и Офтальмоферон® на клетки с конъюнктивы больного человека, направленное на совершенствование методики оценки комбинаций офтальмологических лекарственных средств in vitro. Доклинические исследования дают возможность определить эффективность применения лекарственных средств, возможные противопоказания и побочные эффекты, чтобы в дальнейшем определиться с объемом клинических испытаний и самой возможностью их проведения. В последнее время в различных областях медицины применяют счетчики клеток. Счетчики определяют не только количество клеток в образце, но и их размеры и объем, что позволяет сделать предположение о виде клеточной структуры. Подобные приборы позволяют автоматизировать подсчет клеток, определение их размеров и объема, что исключает субъективный фактор и возможность получения ошибочных данных, а также упрощает процедуру и позволяет получить результаты в короткий срок. На основе использования методов индуктивного вывода предложена методика построения гипотез о взаимосвязи комбинации цитокинов с пролиферативной активностью клеток. Методика учитывает синергическое взаимодействие цитокинов и использует последовательное построение логических формул для отбора групп цитокинов, статистический анализ таблиц сопряженности и логическую интеграцию полученных оценок. Реализация предложенной методики в рамках ИС позволит существенно ускорить научные исследования в этой области. Приведена итоговая методика построения гипотез о взаимосвязи комбинации цитокинов с биологической активностью клеток The paper considers a comparison of experimental distributions of the number of cells to determine the cytological and immunological effect of the simultaneous action of ophthalmic drugs Broxinac® and Oftalmoferon® on cells from the conjunctiva of a sick person, aimed at improving the methodology for assessing combinations of ophthalmic drugs in vitro. Preclinical studies make it possible to determine the effectiveness of the use of drugs, possible contraindications and side effects, in order to further determine the volume of clinical trials and the very possibility of their conduct. Recently, cell counters have been used in various fields of medicine. Counters determine not only the number of cells in the sample, but also their size and volume, which allows us to make an assumption about the type of cell structure. Such devices allow automating the counting of cells, determining their size and volume, which eliminates the subjective factor and the possibility of obtaining erroneous data, and also simplifies the procedure and allows you to get results in a short time. Based on the use of inductive inference methods, a method is proposed for constructing hypotheses about the relationship between the combination of cytokines and the proliferative activity of cells. The method takes into account the synergistic interaction of cytokines and uses the sequential construction of logical formulas for the selection of groups of cytokines, statistical analysis of contingency tables and logical integration of the estimates obtained. The implementation of the proposed methodology within the Information System will significantly accelerate research in this area. The final technique for constructing hypotheses about the relationship of the combination of cytokines with the biological activity of cells is presented

2021 ◽  
Vol 14 (2) ◽  
pp. 268-277
Etza nofarita

Security issues of a system are factors that need to be considered in the operation of information systems, which are intended to prevent threats to the system and detect and correct any damage to the system. Distributed Denial of Services (DDOS) is a form of attack carried out by someone, individuals or groups to damage data that can be attacked through a server or malware in the form of packages that damage the network system used. Security is a mandatory thing in a network to avoid damage to the data system or loss of data from bad people or heckers. Packages sent in the form of malware that attacks, causing bandwidth hit continuously. Network security is a factor that must be maintained and considered in an information system. Ddos forms are Ping of Death, flooding, Remote controled attack, UDP flood, and Smurf Attack. The goal is to use DDOS to protect or prevent system threats and improve damaged systems. Computer network security is very important in maintaining the security of data in the form of small data or large data used by the user.

2021 ◽  
Vol 20 (3) ◽  
pp. 77-96
S. V. Tsaplin ◽  
S. A. Bolychev

The paper presents the results of a calculation aimed to study the influence of ionizing, bremsstrahlung radiation on the operation of a nanosatellite obtained during the implementation of the project 0777-2020-0018 in 2020. A comparative analysis of the results of calculating the specific ionization and radiation energy losses of protons (from 0.1 to 400 MeV) and electrons (from 0.04 to 7 MeV), as well as their path lengths in aluminum according to the formulas of various authors and the database of materials of the National Institute of Standards and Technologies is presented. Based on the analysis results, the annual dose in the aluminum structure of the SamSat ION nanosatellite in a circular sun-synchronous orbit (SSO) is calculated. All calculations are based on the data of the energy spectra of protons and electrons of the SSO given in the Information system Spenvis of the European Space Agency. The results of calculating the integral fluxes in aluminum under the action of protons and electrons of a circular SSO for different thicknesses are obtained, and the fraction of passed particles is shown in the approximation of a single-layer stack. The radiation resistance of the electronic elements ISL70321SEH, ISL73321SEH and Virtex-4QV, Virtex-5QV included in the SamSat ION avionics and its ability to operate during a year was assessed.

2021 ◽  
Vladislav Karyukin ◽  
Galimkair Mutanov ◽  
Zhanl Mamykova ◽  
Gulnar Nassimova ◽  
Saule Torekul ◽  

Abstract Social media services and analytics platforms are rapidly growing. A large number of various events happen mostly every day, and the role of social media monitoring tools is also increasing. Social networks are widely used for managing and promoting brands and different services. Thus, most popular social analytics platforms aim for business purposes while monitoring various social, economic, and political problems remains underrepresented and not covered by thorough research. Moreover, most of them focus on resource-rich languages such as the English language, whereas texts and comments in other low-resource languages such as the Russian and Kazakh languages in social media are not represented well enough. So, this work is devoted to developing and applying the information system called the OMSystem for analyzing users’ opinions on news portals, blogs, and social networks in Kazakhstan. The system uses sentiment dictionaries of the Russian and Kazakh languages and machine learning algorithms to determine the sentiment of social media texts. The whole structure and functionalities of the system are also presented. In the experimental part, the system’s monitoring of the healthcare, political and social aspects of the most relevant topics connected with the vaccination against the coronavirus disease are thoroughly observed and analyzed. The analysis allowed discovering the public social mood in the cities of Almaty and Nur-Sultan and other large regional cities of Kazakhstan. The system’s study included two extensive periods: 10-01-2021 to 30-05-2021 and 01-07-2021 to 12-08-2021. In the obtained results, people’s mood and attitude to the Government’s policies and actions were studied by such social network indicators as the level of topic discussion activity in society, the level of interest in the topic in society, and the mood level of society. These indicators calculated by the OMSystem allowed careful identification of alarming factors of the public (negative attitude to the government regulations, vaccination policies, trust to vaccination, etc.) and assessment of the social mood.

2021 ◽  
Vol 14 (2) ◽  
pp. 216-223
Ahmad Asifuddin ◽  
Haris Ihsanil Huda ◽  
Zaenal Mustofa

Information technology is a technology used to process data, including processing, obtaining, compiling, storing, manipulating data in various ways to produce relevant, accurate and timely information, which is used for personal, business and government purposes and is strategic information for decision making, in recording fixed assets for example, must be managed properly because the need for the data is frequent intensity, the number of items is not small so it is impossible to memorize, the calculation of depreciation of fixed assets of a company needs to be done at the end of every year because it will affect the book value and depreciation expense on the balance sheet and depreciation expense on fixed assets on the income statement. This depreciation calculation can also be used as a reference in the allocation to purchase new assets if the existing fixed assets can no longer be used. Obstacles in preparing depreciation reports if not resolved immediately will have a bad impact on schools, for example being late in submitting annual tax reports due to the long preparation of depreciation reports will result in schools being fined for being late in reporting the annual corporate tax return. With the accounting information system for depreciation of fixed assets, it is expected that it will facilitate officers in managing fixed asset data and depreciation reports. The new system that will be designed is web-based, so that it can be accessed at any time by interested parties and makes coordination time more effective.

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